TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 107 – ‘Let Me Go’

TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 107 – ‘Let Me Go’


Emma and Joey arrive at a garage. A man named Beau emerges and says he has been waiting for them. While looking for the bathroom, Joey finds a girl named Dana in a cage. Joey tells Emma about it, and Beau tells him not to go back there.

Due to the broken fingers suffered at the hands of Hardy, Joe is being transferred to another prison. Hardy is convinced that Joe has something on Warden Montero. Upon further investigation, Weston finds that the warden has a daughter named Dana who has gone missing.

Parker will not let Hardy accompany Joe’s transfer, and assures Hardy that nothing will go wrong. So obviously things will go very wrong.

Emma is talking to Beau, and Joey sneaks into the office to grab Beau’s keys. He goes into the back room and tries to free Dana. He gets her cage open and she runs off as Beau finds them. Beau is yelling at Joey and chasing him around the garage, but Joey hides under a car.

Beau tells Joey he isn’t going to hurt him, and then drags Joey out from under the car. Emma pulls a gun on Beau and tells him not to touch Joey. Charlie shows up, holding Dana, and diffuses the situation.

Emma is worried about Beau, but Charlie assures her that he is useful in a limited way, and is not coming with them. Dana is leverage to ensure their safety. Charlie assures Joey that Dana will be ok, and apologizes for not being able to bring his mother to see him.

Hardy is reviewing surveillance footage of Joe’s transfer and finds and edit in the footage. He calls Parker to tell her that Joe isn’t in the van. Parker pulls the convoy over, and makes them open the van.

At the same time, Hardy and Weston stop Warden Montero. The transfer van is empty, and so is Montero’s trunk. Montero tells Hardy that he turned Joe over to his attorney, Olivia.

Olivia lets Joe out of her trunk and they drive to a nearby mall. Joe makes her call Hardy, and Joe strangles her while she is on the phone with Hardy.

Joe goes into the mall and meets a man named David. Hardy and Weston talk to witnesses, who just so happened to have seen Joe run into the mall. Hardy and Weston go in to look for him, and David escorts him into the back hallways of the mall.

A security guard is about to approach them when a woman walks by him and slices his stomach open. She introduces herself to Joe as Louise, and they get on the elevator. Hardy arrives as the elevator is going up to the 4th floor.

Hardy goes to the stairwell and David attacks him. David takes Hardy’s gun and Hardy chases him up the stairs. Joe pulls a gun on Hardy, and is conflicted as to whether or not he should kill Hardy. Hardy tells him to just do it.

Joe tells Hardy that this was just the first part of their novel, and that there is so much more to come. He and Louise go up to a waiting helicopter as David keeps Hardy at bay. Hardy wrestles David’s gun away and shoots David in the leg. He hurries up to the roof just as the helicopter is taking off. Hardy empties his gun shooting at it, to no avail of course.

Parker authorizes Hardy to use “extreme” tactics to get David to talk. Hardy digs his thumb into David’s wound, and based on the next events, was able to get him to talk.

Parker, Hardy, and Weston arrive at the garage, but Emma, Joey, and Charlie are gone. Beau is found shot and stuffed inside a cage, and Dana is found alive in another cage. She tells Hardy that Joey was there but they took him away.

Claire is being placed in protective custody, and even Hardy doesn’t know where she is going. Claire is mad because Joe is now free, and she is being imprisoned. She is again being overly pissy about them not finding her son.

Louise and Joe arrive at what looks to be an old fraternity house. A whole bunch of people come out, including Emma, Charlie, and Joey. Emma and Joe embrace, and Joey and Joe meet for the first time in nine years.

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    March 7, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    Dexter will kill Montero.