TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 214 – ‘Natural Born Wesen’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 214 – ‘Natural Born Wesen’


Nick is unconscious from the purifying potion. Monroe explains to Juliet that this is a normal, necessary part of the process. Captain Renard confirms that this happened to him when he took drank the mixture.

Juliet wants to call an ambulance, but the others try to talk her out of it. Juliet doesn’t understand what is going on, but Monroe explains the situation to her the best he can. Rosalee makes a potion for Captain Renard and Juliet to drink, and the secret ingredient is some of Nick’s blood. They do not tell Juliet and the Captain that Nick’s blood is in the potion.

Juliet and the Captain drink the potion, but they won’t know for a while if it worked. Juliet leaves, emphasizing that she is going home alone. Nick follows her home to be sure that no one, especially Captain Renard, comes to her house.

When Juliet arrives at her house, the entire floor of the house is a giant hole, almost like a well or a cave. She is trapped right at the front door. She tries to go upstairs, but the stairs go on forever. Trying to answer a phone call, she drops her cell phone into the giant hole in the floor.

The next morning, Monroe is conducting some business at the local bank when it is robbed. The robbers are Wesen, in full Wesen form. It is a perfect disguise, as all of the witnesses describe them as wearing very detailed masks. When they make their escape, they revert back to their human form, so they will not be discovered.

Nick shows Hank the key that Captain Renard stole from, and explains what the Captain is, and his role in the Wesen world. They get a call about the bank robbery, and Monroe calls them over when they get there.

Monroe tells Nick and Hank that the robbers were Wesen, two blutbads and one skalengeck. He explains to them that showing your true Wesen form for nefarious gain is against the Wesen Code. It could rile up Wesen, as they do not like their kind being portrayed as robbers and criminals.

Hank, Nick, and Monroe go to the trailer to look up more information on the Code. Monroe tells Hank and Nick that during the witch scare in history, it was not witches being burned at the stake, but Wesen.

Captain Renard meets with Nick. Renard reveals to Nick that he has known he was a Grimm since his aunt first came to see him before she died. Renard tells Nick that he gave him the key back because he trusts him more than his family. They need to work together to fight this battle, or they will both die.

Monroe goes to a Wesen bar to try and “subtly” find out if anyone knows who robbed the bank. He unknowingly starts talking to one of the robbers about the robbery. They attack him, and Nick and Hank have to break up the fight. In doing so, however, they are able to get the names of two of the three robbers.

Back at her house, there is now a voice, and some kind of electricity or fireflies coming from the hole in her floor. She is sleeping on the foot of the stairs. Her phone rings again, and she decides to just walk into the hole. Floorboards appear under her feet as she walks across the floor and picks up her phone. Everything is seemingly back to normal.

Nick and Hank get an address for the two robbers. It is an old warehouse, and all they find is an old homeless man. The man is able to tell them that one of the people that go there is named Gus. They deduce that this must be the third robber.

The Wesen crew robs another bank, this time shooting and killing two people. This causes a rift between the crew, and Cole and Catherine end up killing Gus, as he wants to stop committing robberies.

Monroe tells Nick about the Wesen Council, that holds trials of sorts over Code violations. This violation could have a penalty of death. It turns out that Rosalee’s father and brother had ties to this Council, and her father may have even been a member.

Rosalee calls a man named DeGroot and tells him of the robbery. Separately, Captain Renard emails DeGroot the pictures of Cole and Catherine, exposing them as Code violators.

The cops find Gus’ apartment, finding his body. Nick and Hank go to the warehouse and end up in a shootout with Cole and Catherine. They are captured, but while being brought through the police station, and man shoots and kills them. This appears to be DeGroot’s way of taking care of them without calling a Council meeting. Or this was their penalty coming out of a Council meeting.

Juliet is sleeping when she gets a phone call. It is a distorted voice, and the electric charges are going through the phone. She looks down at the floor, and electricity is flowing all around her bed. A voice, now crystal clear, says, “I just want you to know the truth.” There is no hint as to who or what this may be, or whether or not it is related to the spell or their attempts to break the spell.