TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 117 – ‘The Huntress Returns’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 117 – ‘The Huntress Returns’

arrow huntress returns

A man is offered a dance at a strip club, and when he gets to the VIP room, the dancer is actually Helena. The man turns out to be her father’s lawyer. He doesn’t know where her father is being held, as he is in protective custody. She believes him, but kills him anyway.

Quentin meets with Laurel, thinking she wants to patch up their differences. He apologizes to her for what he has done, and she apologizes to him. Then her mother (Quentin’s ex wife) arrives. She explains to Quentin and Laurel that she believes Sarah is still alive. She has a picture from one of the random islands near the where the ship wrecked, and the photo resembles Sarah.

Quentin is upset at both of them, insisted that Sarah is dead. He just wants to move on with his life, and leaves. Laurel later visits Quentin at the precinct and convinces him to at least think about looking at the evidence that his ex wife has. Quentin eventually sits down with his ex wife and asks to see the evidence.

Thea offers Roy a job as a valet at Oliver’s club. He reluctantly agrees. Tommy gives Roy a job, but he doesn’t show up for his first day. Roy tells Thea that he doesn’t want charity from a rich girl.

When Thea is leaving Roy’s house, she is approached by a group of thugs. Roy comes out of nowhere to fight them off and save her, and is stabbed in the process. While a doctor is working on Roy, Thea kisses him.

Diggle shows Oliver the security footage of Helena killing her Frank’s lawyer. Diggle is concerned that now that she is on the rampage again, it will compromise he and Oliver’s cover.

Oliver comes home to find Helena there. She wants him to help find her father, who, due to turning state’s evidence against the East Coast crime family, will be put into witness protection and disappear forever. She wants him dead. Oliver refuses to help, and Helena threatens his family.

Tommy is mad at Oliver, but not because Oliver didn’t tell him he was The Hood. He is mad because Oliver is a murderer and a totally different person than he thought he was. Oliver tells Tommy he can tell him his whole story now, but Tommy doesn’t want to hear it. Tommy assumes it would all be lies anyway.

At the opening night of Oliver’s club, Tommy runs into Helena. Later on, Oliver is handed a note from Diggle. When Oliver heads downstairs, it turns out that Helena has Tommy hostage. Helena makes Oliver promise to help her in return for not hurting Tommy.

Tommy apologizes to Laurel for his recent erratic behavior. She wants to know what is going on, but he can’t tell her. Laurel leaves, and Tommy has potentially sacrificed his relationship with Laurel to protect Oliver’s secret.

Oliver finds out that there are two transport vans being used to transfer Frank. He and Helena will have to split up in order to get Frank. Oliver catches up to one of the vans, and it is empty. Helena stops the other van, which is filled with cops. It was a trap by Quentin and McKenna to catch Helena. Oliver manages to get away.

Quentin and McKenna are questioning Helena. They want her to give up The Hood’s identity in exchange for some leniency. She won’t tell them, but she does tell McKenna that her Oliver used to date. She warns McKenna that Oliver just uses people and gets rid of them once he has what he wants.

Before Helena can say anything else, the alarms go off and the building fills with smoke. Oliver helps Helena escape, but just to keep her from naming him or Diggle. Oliver gives Helena a passport and a plane ticket to Rome, telling her to forget about her father and just disappear.

Felicity calls Oliver to let him know that a crossbow was stolen from a sporting goods store, leading her to believe that Helena did not leave town. As Felicity is hanging up the phone, Helena comes into her office.

Oliver and Diggle find Felicity in her office tied up and a little worse for wear, but otherwise fine. Felicity tells them that Helena forced her to hack into the FBI database to find the address that Frank is being held at.

Helena shows up at the safe house, arrows blazing. She kills every guard in the place, before Oliver cuts her off. Frank escapes out a window, and Helena chases after him. Oliver again cuts her off. Oliver tries to shoot Helena, but she catches the arrow.

Almost hurt that he tried to kill her, she attacks Oliver. Oliver is just about to kill Helena when McKenna shows up. Oliver is forced to stand down, and in the ensuing chaos, Helena shoots McKenna. Helena escapes.

Oliver visits McKenna in the hospital, who has a shattered femur. She will need a year of rehab, at a facility in another city. Her and Oliver effectively break up.

Tommy apologizes to Oliver, having not at first understood what kind of pressure being The Hood had on Oliver. Oliver says that the lying to everyone he cares about is the hardest part. He thought he could live both lives (vigilante/regular guy), but he can’t. His happiness is not important right now.

The flashback portion of the episode involved Oliver and Slade trying get to the missile launcher that Fyers brought onto the island. They are able to take care of the mean guarding the missile, and then try to blow up the launcher. On a whim, Oliver takes the circuit board of the launcher. The machine is useless without it. Oliver then uses this leverage to off Fyers a trade for the circuit board. He gets the circuit board, they get a way off the island. This led me to believe that Oliver and Slade were willing to risk the lives of whomever Fyers was targeting with this launcher in order to save their own lives.