TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 215 – ‘Mr. Sandman’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 215 – ‘Mr. Sandman’


A new Wesen is introduced in this episode, a man who picks up woman at grief support groups. He gets invited back to their home, and spews a Great Muta (or Tajiri for younger readers) like red mist into their face. This blinds the women, and he then turns into a fly and drinks their tears.

The first woman dies after pulling a giant bookcase down on herself. The second victim survives, as her sister came home while the attack was taking place. The Medical Examiner finds that the victim’s eyes are infected with a type of worm that is normally found in River Blindness in Africa.

Nick, Hank, and Monroe are able to determine that the suspect is a Jinnamuru Xuntee (before I looked it up, I had spelled it Ginimurushuntae), a tear stealing evil spirit. When beheaded, its brain is found to be swollen and infested with red worms. It will also revisit victim’s families, to feed off of their tears.

Based on his M.O. of grief support groups, they are able to track Andre’s (the Jinnamuru Xuntee) car to a high school. He is leaving the meeting with a woman when Hank, Nick, and Sgt. Wu chase him back inside. They split up, and Nick finds Andre in a classroom upstairs. Andre spits the red mist into Nick’s face and jumps out the window.

Hank brings Nick to Rosalee and Monroe for help. Nick is blind, but this has triggered super sensitive hearing. The only way to cure Nick is to dig out Andre’s eyeball (while he is in full Wesen form) and mixing it into a paste.

Andre hijacked a car, and Sgt Wu finds it abandoned near the second victim’s house. Nick concludes that Andre has gone back to the house to attack her sister. Nick is correct, as Andre is already there, and is going after the sister.

She is actually very smart, covering her eyes and avoiding the worm mist. Andre is about to spray her again when Hank arrives. Hank and Monroe are checking out the house while Nick and Rosalee wait in the car.

Nick can hear what is going on, and enters the house, with Rosalee leading him around. Hank thinks Andre has gone out the back door, but Nick can hear him upstairs. Nick finds Andre in the attic, and they fight. Somehow, a blind Nick manages to effectively fight and armbar Andre.

Monroe scoops Andre’s eye out, and Rosalee mixes up the cure. She puts it on a blindfold and wraps it around Nick’s eyes. Andre stumbles downstairs, and it stabbed by the second victim’s sister.

This episode, as detailed above, was mainly a one-off about the Jinnamuru Xuntee. A few minor storyline points were expanded on a bit.

Adalind, back in Vienna, meets with a woman (they only said her name once, something that sounded like Alpesch). The woman can tell that Adalind has lost her powers, and Adalind tells her that she is pregnant, by one of two half brothers (Captain Renard or Eric). The woman says that this baby could be very valuable.

Captain Renard wakes from a restless sleep to find Juliette in his bed. He tells he she needs to go and she turns into some kind of zombie woman. This is most likely a hallucination as part of the potion he and Juliette took.

Juliette confides in Rosalee her experiences in her house, including the hole in the floor, and the “ghost” she has been seeing. Rosalee goes to Juliette’s house, but does not see any of the things that Juliette does. Eventually Juliette confronts the ghost, and it shows itself as Nick before quickly disappearing.