TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 110 – ‘Guilt’

TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 110 – ‘Guilt’

the following guilt

Jacob is having visions of Paul all throughout his room. Paul is telling him to kill Emma. Joe has forced Jacob to reconcile with Emma. Emma tries to have sex with Jacob, but he threatens her. He confesses that he killed Paul, and now he has a real taste for it.

Hardy and Parker learn of the breach in the secure cell phone line, and fear that Joe and his followers now know where Claire is being held. Hardy demands that he be put in charge of Claire’s safety.

Hardy arrives at the hotel where Claire is being held. They need to move her again. Roderick, along with two of Joe’s men (children of a militia camp) come to the hotel to get Claire. Several of the guards are killed, and Hardy and Claire escape out the back door.

One of the men grabs Claire, and holds a gun to her head. Hardy knows he won’t shoot her, so Claire kicks the man and Hardy shoots him. The man is wearing a bulletproof vest, and tries to shoot at them as they drive away.

Once they are a safe distance away, Hardy takes the FBI tracking device off the car, and has Claire remove the SIM card from his cell phone. Even the FBI won’t know where they have gone.

Hardy pulls up at a house, where they meet a man named Tyson. Tyson is an old FBI partner of Hardy’s, who is now in the witness protection program. Hardy is the only one that knows he is there. A perfect place to hide Claire. Oh wait, apparently one of Joe’s men put a tracking chip on her sweater. Oops.

But before we find that out, we get Tyson talking to Claire, as they are the two people who have gotten the closest to Hardy. He tells Claire she has to refuse to budge, that is the only way he will let her in. He also tells her that she is the only one that Hardy has been serious about.

As they are getting ready for Joe’s men to arrive at Tyson’s house, Claire and Hardy talk. She tells him she loves him, and he says it’s a really bad idea. But he loves her too, and they kiss.

Tyson and Hardy kill one of Roderick’s men, but in another shootout, Tyson is hit. Hardy is looking for the other men when Claire goes outside and finds Roderick. Claire surrenders herself to him in order to see Joey. She gets in Roderick’s car and they drive away. For good measure, they slashed the tires on Hardy’s car so he cannot follow.

Meanwhile, Joe is trying to get Joey to warm up to him. He tricks Joey by pretending he doesn’t know how to make smores, asking Joey to show him how.

Tyson is alive, and while Hardy is visiting him in the hospital, Joe calls him. Hardy tells Joe that he’s done, he quits. Joe won’t let him quit. It is Hardy’s story, his rebirth. Every day he comes just a little more back to life, and he is not quite ye the man he needs to be.

The episode ends with a woman coming to see Joe. You are to assume it is Claire, but it turns out to be a woman named Molly. Based on flashbacks shown during the episode, this appears to be one of Hardy’s ex girlfriends.