New Screen Shots Reveal the Beauty of 'Grand Theft Auto V'

New Screen Shots Reveal the Beauty of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

GTA V GDC Screen  (2)

With the delay of Grand Theft Auto V until September, it only seems reasonable that Rockstar Games would give us some sort of peek as to the progress of their flagship title. After all, if we are going to wait for it so they can polish it, we want to make sure it is worth our while as gamers, especially before the new consoles launch this fall, right? Rockstar has revealed what may be the most beautiful screens of Los Angeles… I mean Los Santos in a game yet. They even captured the distinct hues of the LA skyline at dusk so well.

The team at Rockstar has shown that there are a lot of new things coming to Grand Theft Auto V in the latest screens. While favorites like a minigun make their way back to GTA for the first time in years, players will be able to discover underwater environments for the first time in Grand Theft Auto V.

As you’ll see in one of the screens below, GTA V will have scuba gear for players to use. While this will undoubtedly be tied to a mission at some point to unlock it, it will be interesting to see how detailed the team gets with the underwater environments throughout the world and if you can carry it with you wherever you go and start exploring some of the larger swimming pools in the Los Santos area.

What may be the most impressive though is the Santa Monica pier during a thunderstorm. While we have seen weather effects in GTA games before, this looks like a whole new system in place to give a more realistic look to the series. If this is going to be the last major release coming to the current generation, they have all intentions of going out with a bang.

Check out the full set of screens below and stick to the Flickcast for more Grand Theft Auto V news before its September 17th release on the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.