TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 216 – ‘Nameless’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 216 – ‘Nameless’

Grimm Nameless

Our Wesen of the Week: The Fuchsteufelwild.

Someone is killing off the team of four programmers that wrote the breakthrough code for an online RPG. The twist? He is in the game, and he kills them in the game first.

Would you like another twist? He’s also a Wesen. A Fuchsteufelwild to be exact. A troll/goblin like creature with two giant acidic fingernails that it uses to cut its’ victims in half.

Based on the amazing luck that Sgt Wu is a gamer and puzzle fan, the police are able to determine that their suspect is an IT contractor that the head of the project (Jenna) called for help late one night. She promised him a dinner date, but stood him up.

It turns out, that not only did she stand him up, but apparently he also wrote the code that made the four programmers rich. So he is out for revenge.

Nick finds a list of names the Fuchsteufelwild has been known to go under, and is able to figure out that all of the names use the same letters. I didn’t see this in the episode, but some Wikipedia research shows that the letters are from the spelling of Rumpelstiltskin. Which would explain why the name they get when cross-referencing possible matches with the online gaming database is Trinket Lipslums.

Jenna actually kills Trinket in the game (username nameless) after distracting him by telling him his name. Trinket gets her address and goes to kill her. It’s a trap though, as the woman in the apartment is not Jenna, but a female police officer. Rather than be caught, Trinket jumps off the building to his death.

Juliette enlists Rosalee and Monroe to help her with her ghost visions of Nick. While they are at her house, she is explaining what she is seeing. Monroe accidentally tells Juliette about Nick’s Aunt’s trailer. He refuses to offer more help until he talks to Nick. Juliette tells Monroe that if she isn’t able to fully remember Nick, she will forget him forever. Monroe explains to Nick that she might leave Portland.

Captain Renard meets with a man from Vienna. They are trying to keep their alliance with The Resistance in tact. Another man, Henri Leseur, has followed this man to America. He is presumably one of Eric Renard’s henchmen.

During their meeting, the man tells Captain Renard that no one knows who is in control, and that Eric is working with six families to try and go back to Imperialistic power. He gives the Captain a flash drive that contains names of those they need to protect.

The Captain notices Henri acting suspiciously on the other side of the bar, and sees that he has left a briefcase behind. The Captain rushes to action, grabbing the briefcase and launching it into the air outside as it explodes. The Captain is able to shoot Henri before he can execute a plan B. Luckily the Captain is a cop, so this can shield him killing Henri.

Another solid, one-off episode that still progresses the main storyline. And it appears that things are about to get much more interesting in the storyline department. The possibility of Juliette learning Nick’s secret (again!), and whatever is coming in this political, familial war between Captain Renard and Eric. And let’s not forget Adalind’s baby. Whoever’s it is.