TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 316 – ‘Welcome to the Tombs’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 316 – ‘Welcome to the Tombs’

Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs

“You kill or you die. Or you die and you kill.” – The Governor

The Governor has tied up Milton and is beating him. He knows Milton burned the walkers. 8 men died because of Milton (according to the Governor). Milton agreed that he was taken care of in Woodbury, but so long as he looked the other way.

The Governor tells Milton it is time for him to graduate. “You kill or you die” he tells him. The Governor wants Milton to kill Andrea. Milton goes to get the tools from the table near Andrea, and drops them on the floor, leaving one there on purpose.

Milton is not allowed to leave until he kills Andrea. He goes over towards Andrea, but then lunges at The Governor. The Governor is expecting this, however, and stabs Milton. The Governor’s actual plan is for Milton to die, turn into a zombie, and eat Andrea.

Carl is helping the others pack. They must have decided to leave the prison instead of fighting The Governor. Daryl tells Carol that Merle never did anything like that his whole life. Carol says that because of him, they have a chance now.

Rick apologizes to Michonne about almost taking the Governor’s deal. Michonne understands and is not mad. She thanks Rick for taking her in when she showed up. Rick tells her the real reason he didn’t give her up is because Carl said she was one of them.

The Governor is rallying his troops, saying that the prison crew is no different than the biters. They need to end this once and for all. Tyreese and Sasha bow out, offering to instead stay back and watch the children. Surprisingly, the Governor thanks them. Chances are he won’t be so thankful when he returns.

The Governor, Martinez, and the others attack the prison, shooting out one of the watchtowers, and firing on the prison. One of their trucks is taking out by a spike strip. After shooting for a long time, all they have killed is walkers.

They enter the prison, which appears empty. Looks like Rick and the others did in fact leave after all. Rick finds a bible, which is open, and the following passage is highlighted:

“and shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and that they have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation”.

This angers the Governor, and he decides they should split up to search the rest of the prison. When they reach a certain point in the depths of the prison, flares and fireworks go off. It looks like Rick’s crew didn’t leave after all.

The Governor and his men retreat, after a shootout with Glenn and Maggie. It turns out that they did move all the stuff out of the prison, but only Carl, Herschel, Beth, and the baby stayed back. Everyone else hid to ambush Woodbury.

A young member of the Governor’s army is running through the woods and stumbles upon Herschel, Carl, and Beth. The man is scared and gladly goes to hand his gun over to Carl. Carl shoots him anyway.

As Milton is dying, he tells Andrea about the pliers he left behind her foot. He wants her to use them to escape and then find a sharp object and jam it into his head. Milton keeps passing out, but doesn’t die right away.

Milton asks Andrea why she stayed. She wanted to save everyone, even the Governor at one point. She tells him about the time she almost killed the Governor while he was sleeping, but wanted to find a way to fix this where no one died. Milton finally passes away.

Andrea eventually manages to get the pliers with her feet and is able to free herself just as Milton has awoken as a zombie and is charging at her. You hear a struggle from the room and then silence. More on that later!

Rick’s crew decides to go after the Governor rather than waiting for him to come back. Carl wants to go with them. He tells Rick he killed the man because he drew on him first, but Herschel tells Rick the truth.

The Governor cuts off the convoy, very upset that they retreated. One of them says that they do not want to kill people. The Governor flips out and kills everyone except for Martinez and one other man. Or so he thinks. There is one woman, Karen, who hides under a body playing dead.

It is decided that Glenn and Maggie will stay behind in case the Governor returns, and Rick, Daryl, and Michonne will go after the Governor. On the road, they come across the convoy and all of the dead bodies and zombies. They find Karen.

They arrive at the front gates of Woodbury and Tyreese and Sasha shoot at them. Karen yells out, and explains that the Governor killed everyone. Rick, Daryl, and Michonne saved her. Rick tells Tyreese that Andrea never got to the prison. They all go to look for her.

They find the room where Maggie and Glenn were held, and see blood coming out of the door. When they open the door, Milton is dead on the floor, and Andrea is off to the side. Andrea has been bitten.

Andrea tells them that no one can make it alone now, and Daryl says they never could. Andrea again reiterates that she didn’t want anyone to die, and wants to kill herself while she still can. Michonne stays with Andrea, and her last words before she shoots herself are “I tried”.

Daryl, Rick, and Michonne are coming back to the prison, and there is a bus with them as well. As everyone gets out, people start filing off the bus, led by Tyreese and Sasha. Rick has brought the remaining people from Woodbury back to the prison. Rick tells Carl that they are staying, and Carl storms off.

This was a pretty intense episode, which I was hoping would be the case since a few of the past episodes were a bit boring. I am very interested to see what they do with Carl, as this new attitude of his is promising, and is way better than whatever he was in the past. I am a little surprised with the way they killed off Andrea, but she got to have her hero moment in the end, so I guess that’s what matters. New season starts in October, and I will see you then!