You Know You Want To See This: Full Trailer for 'The Hangover' Part 3 Drops

You Know You Want To See This: Full Trailer for ‘The Hangover’ Part 3 Drops


What can you say about The Hangover “franchise” that hasn’t already been said? Sure, it features an odd cast that for some reason clicks together very well, an absurd premise that for some reason works very well and many other elements that, on paper, should have probably made the first movie a flop — or at the very least relegated to DVD.

Well, as you know, that didn’t happen. In fact, the first one was a monster hit that spawned a sequel and made household names of its stars. And now, we’re in for the final chapter of the franchise: The Hangover Part 3.

The first full trailer has dropped today for the movie and it’s pretty much what you would expect. Although, that may have a lot to do with the fact that with this trailer, the marketing department is trying to give you more of the same to help you remember why you loved these movies in the first place. Expect some different trailers and such later on.

Meantime, check out this new one after the break. Look for The Hangover Part 3 to hit theaters on May 24th.