TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 113 – ‘Havenport’

TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 113 – ‘Havenport’


As I so stupidly left out of my last recap, Sheriff Nelson (Roderick) of Havenport is offering his assistance on the FBI’s case. He is helping try and track down Joe and his cult. The only problem? Agent Weston is there too. They eventually run into each other, but Roderick manages to escape.

When Roderick returns to the house, he and Joe argue and fight. Roderick blames Joe killing Monroe for the FBI being so close. Roderick thinks they need to leave, but Joe says it’s not time yet. Roderick tells Joe that he will never get his wife back, and Joe attacks Roderick. Joe tells Roderick to pull himself together, and Roderick feels like he is being used.

Hardy holds a news conference offering immunity to any member of Joe’s cult that turns them self in and leads them to Joe. It turns out that Donovan did not authorize this press conference or the immunity, but ultimately relents, as it was a good idea.

The members of the cult see this press conference and Joe gets mad, shutting off the TV. Claire is outside with Joey, while Joe asks Emma to be sure they are safe. Roderick leaves the house, knocking Claire down, and taking Joey with him, driving off.

Joe promises Claire he will find Joey, and then yells at Claire. He is having a really bad day. Jacob offers to help look for Joey, since Joey and him are close. Joe sends him with two men, Michael and Ethan to go look for Joey. And to kill Roderick, making him suffer if possible. Claire stops Jacob before he goes, begging him to take Joey somewhere safe if he finds him. Jacob said he is doing what Joe wants.

Roderick goes back into town and takes a waitress hostage. She drives him through town, where they come upon a roadblock. Roderick has fake ID, but the cop asks him to step out of the car. Roderick kills two state officers, and makes Betty drive away.

Betty pulls over on the side of the road, and Roderick is about to shoot her. The cops arrive, and Roderick surrenders. Back at the precinct, Roderick tells Hardy he took Joey as insurance and has him hidden away somewhere. Hardy calls Joe to confirm.

Roderick wants to trade Joey for his freedom. Donovan will not authorize such a deal. In spite of this, Hardy releases Roderick and disables the security cameras. He takes a uniform from another FBI agent to give to Roderick. Hardy will release Roderick once he has Joey.

Emma is worried, and everyone in the house is worried. Emma is scared for Joey, and then tries to cozy up to Emma. Joe tells her that this is not a time for sex, and she should concern herself with worrying about Joey since it’s her fault he’s gone. He told Emma to watch Joey and Claire, and she didn’t. Emma gets upset, and Joe slaps her. Joe seems to be unraveling, and may be burning bridges that he cannot repair.

Roderick and Hardy arrive at a house, and Roderick leads Hardy inside. The trunk of the car pops open, and Weston climbs out. He radios to Parker and Donovan his position. It was a setup the whole time!

Roderick shows Hardy where Joey is being held, and as Hardy goes to get him, Roderick pulls a gun out of the couch. As he is about to shoot Hardy, Weston comes in stop Roderick. Before anything else can happen, Roderick is shot multiple times from outside. Roderick is dead, and it appears that Jacob, Michael, and Ethan have taken care of him.

Hardy tells Joey to go with Weston. Michael and Ethan attack Hardy and Weston, and at least one of Joe’s men are killed in the fight. Jacob takes Joey and runs out into the woods.

Hardy chases, and convinces Jacob to stop shooting. When Hardy makes it over to where Joey and Jacob were, only Joey remains. Jacob has left Joey to be saved. Emma talks to Jacob when he returns and asks him what happened. All Jacob said is that they were going to die soon and he could feel it. Seemed like Emma was trying to find out what happened so she could run back to Joe and tell on Jacob, but that was never addressed. Probably because Jacob gave her nothing to go with.

Claire is watching the news story of Joey being rescued, and Joe comes in and makes them shut it off. Claire offers Joe a deal. She will be everything he wants, if he will agree to just let Joey be safe on the outside. Joe appears to take this deal, and they kiss. Claire stabs Joe, and she is dragged away.

Joe calls Hardy and tells him it has not been a very good day. Claire will not be riding off into the sunset as had originally been planned. It’s time for Claire to die. Joe is bleeding pretty badly, but I guess based on the how the story is playing out, he will survive.

The episode ends with a woman coming to the precinct saying she is from Joe’s cult and wants to turn herself in. As they go to take her into an interrogation room, she jumps on Donovan’s back and stabs with him with a hair pick or something like that. Weston and Hardy shoot her dead.