TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 218 – ‘Volcanalis’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 218 – ‘Volcanalis’

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Wesen of the Week: Taureas Armenta

A woman, Jill, is on a mountain taking pictures of volcanic activity. She collects some rocks and returns to her truck, where a man comes out of the woods and accosts her. He tries to take the rocks from her, saying that she has not shown respect. She pepper sprays the man and drives off. The man shows his Wesen form, some sort of horned beast.

Hank is going on vacation for 3 weeks. I guess this means we’ll see more of Sgt. Wu. Or in the case of this episode, Captain Renard.

Juliette arrives home and starts seeing Nicks everywhere again. This time they are in full, human form. They are all saying different things to her, and she leaves the house freaking out. She gets in the car and drives away, but “Nick” is in the car too. She swats at him and swerves out of control, crashing her car.

Nick goes to see her at the hospital, but she shuns him. She says that she can’t see him anymore, and is quite agitated. Nick doesn’t realize what she is talking about, and takes it to mean that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. He leaves, upset.

In Vienna, Adalind is suffering from morning sickness (at night) when Frau Pech knocks on her door. She is taking Adalind to see Stefania Popescu to determine the value of her baby. Adalind does not seem interested, but Pech insists.

Jill arrives home, putting her samples down on the table. The house shakes, and Jill comments on the ranking of the tremor. The lights blow out suddenly, and Jill is attacked by some kind of fire man (man made of fire, not a firefighter).

Nick and Sgt. Wu notice what appear to be handprints burned into her arms and neck. There is also fire damage throughout the house, but no signs of a fire.

Juliette visits Pilar, the psychic woman who has helped her in the past. Pilar can tell that Juliette is troubled, and gives her a tea of some sort that will help her mind focus. Juliette must pick one of these many memories that are flooding back to her, and become a part of the memory. If she does not go into the past to fix the present, she will have no future.

Pech and Adalind arrive at Popescu’s “office”, which more resembles a gypsy carnival than anything else. In order for Popescu to determine the value of Adalind’s baby, she must be sure it is Royal. They take some blood from the baby with a relic of a knife, and are able to determine it is Royal.

Popescu values Adalind’s baby at between half a million and 750,000 Euros depending on the sex of the baby. Pech believes they can get more for the baby in Budapest. Adalind says she doesn’t want any money, she wants her powers back. Popescu is not sure this is even possible, but Adalind reiterates that these are her terms.

Jill’s boss, Thom Evans, brings Nick and Sgt. Wu to the spot where she was collecting her samples, and he grabs a couple of rocks as well. When they get back to the truck, they see that the truck has been severely damaged. Sgt. Wu calls it in, and Nick goes into the woods to track down the person.

Nick catches the man, who woges into the horned beast. As he and Sgt. Wu are arrested the man, he is screaming about they will all die because they did not show the proper respect.

Nick and Captain Renard interview the man, Markus Hemmings, as they know he is a Wesen. He explains that he is trying to keep people from being attacked by something known as Volcanalis. His wife died at the hands of Volcanalis, and he has spent his time since then trying to keep others safe.

There is a small earthquake at the police station, and Sgt. Wu explains that there have been a lot of people killed after taking sacred rocks from volcanic sites. They head over to Thom’s house to warn him about the danger coming, but he is already being attacked by Volcanalis. Nick and Captain Renard shoot at it, but it does nothing. Volcanalis flees, and Nick chases after. Volcanalis burns through a sewer cover and escapes underground.

Juliette goes home again, and goes back into the memory of her and Nick moving into the house. She eventually snaps out of it, but this clearly has helped her. She even takes a picture of her and Nick out of the dresser drawer, and puts it back out on display. She takes the ring out of the drawer, and goes downstairs. She has the memory of Nick asking her to marry her, but it ends there.

Nick and Monroe are searching for information on Volcanalis in the trailer when Nick finds a page on the Taureas Armenta, a bull like Wesen that matches what he saw Markus woge into. Monroe then finds a page on Volcanalis, who lives in the mountains of fire.

They want to take out Volcanalis, and instill the help of Markus, who agrees to help so he can get revenge for his wife’s death. They steal a bunch of rocks from the mountain, and set them up in a parking lot, surrounded by liquid nitrogen.

Markus uses himself as bait, as Nick, Captain Renard, and Monroe lay in wait. Volcanalis appears, and they all spray him with liquid nitrogen. He freezes in place, all but his red eyes, which are still moving. Markus smashes Volcanalis with a sledgehammer, and he turns into a black glass type of obsidian.