Movies: Here's the New Trailer for 'White House Down'

Movies: Here’s the New Trailer for ‘White House Down’


In truth, I kinda like the fact that we live in a world that can have two separate movies in the same year where the White House gets taken over by bad guys. It worked when we had competing asteroid/comet movies, so why not with this?

Obviously, Hollywood agrees with me as in addition to Olympus Has Fallen, which came out a couple months ago, we’ve now got White House Down. This one stars Channing Tatum as a Capitol cop at the White House with his daughter who gets caught up in an paramilitary invasion.

Roland Emmerich directs James Vanderbilt’s script and the movie also stars Jamie Foxx, Jason Clarke and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Look for it in theaters on June 28.

Meantime, check out the trailer for White House Down after the break.