Kickstarter Watch: 'A.N.N.E.'

Kickstarter Watch: ‘A.N.N.E.’

Kickstarter Watch - A.N.N.E.

Nostalgia for retro lifestyle can go two ways. There are those things we fondly remember that when we revisit them they don’t seem to hold up. See the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES as a prime example of something you sunk probably years of your life into only to realize years later that it is a pretty terrible game. But there are others that withstand the test of time and whether it’s 1985 or 2085 are still going to be great games. Games like Castlevania, Super Metroid, Gradius, Super Mario Brothers and others stand that test of time. So it’s no wonder why someone would take the chance at going back if given the chance.

A.N.N.E. is that chance. A.N.N.E. is the brainchild of Moise Breton, the founder of GamesbyMo. With 10 years in developing, A.N.N.E. is Moise’s first time focusing on his own project that combines concepts behind some of the above mentioned titles with bright and vibrant Fez-styled graphics. As you’ll see in the trailer below, the game has a unique feel as it transitions from ship based combat to puzzle solving to exploration and ground skirmishes. And it doesn’t just feel like retro graphics but full on gorgeous pixel art style animation on top of the mashup gameplay.

Currently, A.N.N.E. is about $10k short of its $70,000 goal with two weeks to go. While it is likely to assume it will hit its goal, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. If this kind of game catches your eye, view Kickstarter as your preorder to make sure the game happens. And the higher Moise hits in his stretch goals, the more versions of the game will be made. For $70,000 he’ll be able to produce a PC version but $130,000 will ensure an Ouya version, $145,000 means a PlayStation Vita version (and we all know the Vita needs games) and $175,000 will bring a version to the Wii U Virtual Console.

You can find the A.N.N.E. Kickstarter here and the announcement trailer below. Make sure to stick to the Flickcast for more of the Kickstarter Watch for projects on Kickstarter that we are excited to see come to fruition.