TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 220 – ‘Kiss of the Muse’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 220 – ‘Kiss of the Muse’


Wesen of the Week: Musai

Juliette is washing dishes in the kitchen and notices the scars from the cat scratches on her hand. She is suddenly thrown back into a memory of her and Nick in the house. He is telling her she has to go to the hospital because Adalind is a witch and she could be in danger.

Monroe makes dinner plans with Nick for that evening. Nick then meets with Hank, who has just returned from his vacation. He has torn his Achilles while zip lining in Hawaii, and apparently he went with his ex wife Nadine. They hear gunshots and rush across the street.

An author has been killed at a book signing, and the killer has a woman hostage upstairs. Nick chases after him, but the man jumps into the water, after turning into some kind of otter or beaver type Wesen.

The author that was murdered was dating the woman, Khloe. The killer, Anton, was Khloe’s ex boyfriend. Anton was an obsessed, jealous ex boyfriend who felt that Ethan (the author) was not good enough for Khloe. Khloe tells Nick that guys fall for her very easily and have a hard time getting over her. She thanks Nick and takes his hand. She seems to have worked her charm on Nick as well.

Nick, Hank, and Sgt Wu check out Anton’s apartment, but he is not there. He does have a ton of paintings he has made of Khloe, as well as one painting of Ethan dead at his book signing. Nick seems transfixed on the images of Khloe. Juliette calls Nick while he is there, which snaps him out of his funk for a short while. She invites him over for dinner. Does this mean Nick is going to stand up Monroe?

Nick knocks on Khloe’s door, and she lets him in. He has a few more questions to ask her. Isn’t he supposed to be at Juliette’s and or Monroe’s for dinner? Khloe tells Nick that she has had a lot of artist types as boyfriends, she inspires them to do their best work.

She kisses Nick, and is fully under her spell now. She says it is not something that can or should be controlled. She can sense his talent, drive, and passion, and it is something deeply powerful. She woges into a fairy of some sort, and then realizes he is a Grimm.

Nick snaps out of it again when he gets a call from Monroe. Monroe is mad that he is blowing off their dinner for Juliette. Nick then realizes he is late for dinner Juliette’s, and excuses himself from Khloe’s house.

Nick arrives at Juliette’s house, but is clearly distracted. He keeps hearing Khloe’s voice, even seeing her in the window. Juliette is trying to apologize to Nick for how she has treated him, but Nick isn’t even listening. He makes up an excuse about being stressed at work and takes off.

When Nick comes back to Monroe’s house, Monroe asks him how it went. Nick gets very defensive and tells Monroe to stop interrogating him and to get his own life. Juliette calls Monroe about Nick’s behavior, and Monroe then calls Hank to try and see what is going on with Nick.

Nick is at a bar, and Hank joins him there. Nick is drawing a picture of Khloe as the fairy, when a man at the bar compliments the picture. Nick gets upset at the man, and when the man tries to take the picture to show his girlfriend, Nick punches him. Clearly Nick is a little too obsessed at this point.

Hank brings the picture to Rosalee and Monroe, but they have never seen anything like it before. They go to the trailer to try and find it in one of Nick’s books. Rosalee hasn’t seen the trailer before, and is fascinated by it. Monroe finds the Wesen in a book. Khloe is a Musai, a muse like creature that apparently caused Van Gogh to cut his ear off.

Her kiss is as addictive or euphoric as any narcotic, and it always ends in madness, destruction, and death. Her lips contain a psychotropic substance, almost literally a kiss of death. Many of her past boyfriends (all artists of some sort) have either committed suicide, or killed another of her current or ex boyfriends. Rosalee deduces that the only way to break the spell is with real love (in Nick’s case, Juliette).

Juliette gets the key to the trailer from Monroe, saying she needs to go there by herself to remember the rest of the memory she had there before. She goes to the trailer, and experiences the time that Nick was trying to explain to her what Wesen are. Juliette returns to the spice shop, and Rosalee and Monroe generally confirm that what Nick told her is true.

Nick goes back to Khloe’s house, but Anton is there as well. She tells Nick he has to prove himself to her. Apparently she is way more into this than she led on earlier. Nick and Anton are fighting, presumably to the death, for Khloe. Wu, Hank, and Renard arrive and handcuff Anton. Renard holds Nick back from inflicting any more damage on Anton.

Rosalee tells Juliette that she is the key in breaking this spell, there is no potion that will fix it. They go to the precinct just as Nick is about to kill Anton in his cell. Juliette talks to Nick, and makes him look at her, breaking the spell. Captain Renard lets Khloe go, provided that she leaves Portland forever, or she will have to deal with him.