The Only Thing More Terrifying Than ‘Aftershock’ Is This Making Of Featurette


Say what you will about movies like Aftershock, at least they try to be entertaining and don’t take themselves too seriously. And that should count for something.

In case you missed the trailer for Aftershock we posted recently, and haven’t seen the movie yet, it tells the “What if? story of a big earthquake hitting a major city. In this scenario people begin to degenerate into a horde of brutal savages ready to kill each other for a chance at survival.

Really, that sounds like pretty much any day on the freeways of LA, but what are you gonna do, right? Anyway, the folks who made Aftershock have released a nice making of featurette that takes us behind the scenes of the filmmaking process and gives us a glimpse of how thing all came together.

Check that out after the break. And don’t forget to watch Aftershock in theaters now.

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