Kickstarter Watch: Dog Saucer

Kickstarter Watch: Dog Saucer

Dog Saucer Kickstarter Watch

Usually, our Kickstarter watch has a geeky slant to it. Comics, video games, table top games and even film projects around the geek lifestyle have made their way onto the Kickstarter Watch. But this one is just plain awesomeness.

I am throwing it on the table that if this Kickstarter succeeds, it will make its way right onto the Dude, I Want That website. Everyone travels with their pets in the car with them but there has never been a safe way to have your Doberman sit on your lap while cruising down the highway on your Harley Davidson. That of course is being changed by Greg Hudome at Dog Saucer.

As you see in the cover image and video below, Dog Saucer provides a way for motorcycle owners to transport their dog around in style hooking to the back of their hog. From the looks of it, this is only going to be an option for dogs of a certain size as smaller Chihuahua sized pups can pop right out the back with the way it is currently designed.

There is enough room for a larger dog to turn around and have its head come out of the front or rear of the pod. How safe this is at high speeds is probably debatable but it can’t be much more dangerous than the people who have their little dogs running across their lap, on the wheel or under their feet on the high way.

Take a peek for yourself at Dog Saucer’s Kickstarter which just launched this past week. There is a lofty $600,000 goal but that’s because the actual Dog Saucer’s are retailing for roughly $6,000 each for Kickstarter and later more if they make it to retail.