TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 221 – ‘The Waking Dead’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 221 – ‘The Waking Dead’

grimm waking dead

Wesen of the Week: Cracher-Mortel

Adalind is with Eric when he takes a phone call from his father, the King. Adalind eavesdrops on the conversation, hearing Eric say that the family is in agreement. Something is going down.

Stefania comes to see Adalind, telling her that there is a way to trade her healthy baby to get her powers back. Stefania makes Adalind sign a contract without reading it, saying that it is now binding. Frau Pech is seen spying on this negotiation.

While waiting to meet with a Mr. Krieger, Frau Pech confronts Adalind. Pech warns Adalind that if anyone finds out she is carrying a baby of Royal blood, she will be worth more dead than alive. She tells her “Don’t let your womb become your tomb.”

Adalind, worried about Pech’s warning/threat, calls Stefania to tell her what happened. Stefania says she will speak with Pech and clear everything up. Chances are Stefania will probably try and kill Frau Pech.

Frau Pech meets with a man (Captain Renard’s informant), to tell him that there is a woman carrying Royal blood. She wants to know how much the Royal family will pay to obtain the baby for themselves. The man calls Captain Renard to tell him of this, but warns him that he will have to tell Eric as well.

Meanwhile, there is a crazy murder at a house in town. Sgt Wu and his partner investigate a domestic disturbance where the house it torn up, and a woman is dead on the floor. The offender is still in the house somewhere, and attacks Wu and his partner. Wu’s partner shoots and kills the man dead. He has puffy red eyes, and weird green blood coming out of his nose.

While Nick and Hank are leaving the investigation, a man in a top hat is seen singing on the sidewalk. Better yet, he is an old black man with a New Orleans accent. Smells like voodoo to me. Back at the station, Hank finds that the man they killed was confirmed dead three days earlier.

Juliette is finally able to apologize to Nick, and they are going to try again to have their dinner. They kiss, and Juliette says it is how she remembers it. Juliette goes to see Monroe, and wants him to show her whatever he was going to show her before she went into the coma.

Monroe and Bud take Juliette to the Spice Shop, where they and Rosalee explain to Juliette was Wesen and woging is. They then take turns going into woge for Juliette, so she can see what Nick was trying to tell her before things went bad. She seems to take it pretty well.

While performing the autopsy on the murder victim, the woman springs back to life, with the same puffy red eyes that the dead man had. Nick and Hank go to the morgue, and the man who supposedly died three days earlier is gone. They visit the hospital to see the woman, and Nick thinks he sees the man in the top hat again. When they get to the woman’s room, she is gone.

Surveillance footage shows the man in the top hat taking the woman from the hospital. The toxicology reports show that the dead man had a mix of drugs in his system that gave a Lazarus effect. The person will appear dead for a period of time before waking up. If the dose is too strong, the violent behavior displayed by the dead man can be a side effect.

A tow truck pulls up behind a disabled vehicle. The driver of the vehicle is the man in the top hat. The tow truck driver starts the car with no problem, and then the top hat man turns into some kind of a puffer fish Wesen, and blows a green mist into the man’s face. This must be the Lazarus drug.

At the same time this is happening, Nick and Hank are in the trailer reading about the Cracher-Mortel, a Wesen that basically creates zombies. The Cracher-Mortel gets on a bus and presumably attacks everyone on the bus. He brings them to a shipping container, and leaves them with a bunch of other zombies, telling them their time is coming.

Eric is in Portland, and wants to meet with Captain Renard. Eric wants to bury the hatchet and come to an understanding regarding the family’s future. Captain Renard calls his informant demanding to know why he wasn’t told Eric was coming. The man knew nothing of it, and thought Eric was in Prague. The man does some snooping in Eric’s desk and finds a passport with no photos and a death certificate.

Nick goes to Juliette’s house for dinner, and they are both nervous. Nick asks her if she is ok after seeing everything she saw, and she just goes to put the flowers in some water. I guess things are going to be ok.

Eric is in his hotel, complaining about how Portland is not Vienna, when there is a knock on the door. Instead of Captain Renard (whom I was expecting), it’s the top hat man, Baron Samedi. It looks like Baron and Eric are working together on something. And I bet it involves zombies.