Geek: Wizards of the Coast Re-Releasing AD&D 2nd Ed. Premium Core Rulebooks


As geeks get older, they tend to accumulate more and more stuff. They also tend to move and/or end up with significant others who may not share their love of collecting things and never getting rid of them. Ever.

Consequently, some stuff may get sold, misplaced or just plain “lost.” Fortunately, if some of that stuff happens to be your original AD&D Second Edition Core Rulebooks, you’re in luck because Wizards of the Coast has got you covered.

That’s right, the company is re-releasing all three books, The Player’s Handbook, Monstrous Manual and Dungeon Master Handbook, in super nice premium editions for your reading, use and collecting pleasure. Of course, the three books contain all of the original content and art, but each rulebook has a new cover design to commemorate the reprint.

Each book will set you back $49.95. Yes, that’s a bit more than they originally cost, but if you need/want them, you need/want them, right? They would also make a fine gift for the D&D geek on your list this holiday season. Not that I’m dropping hints or anything.


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