TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Season Finale, Episode 222 – ‘Goodnight, Sweet Grimm’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Season Finale, Episode 222 – ‘Goodnight, Sweet Grimm’

grimm goodnight sweet grimm

Eric wants Baron to show him how he “zombifies” his victims. Baron agrees, and Eric watches as one of his own men is attacked by Baron.

Nick visits Juliette, and he explains to her that he wanted to tell her about his life before she went into the coma, but he was afraid. He didn’t want to push Juliette into his world. She tells him that she still loves him.

Frau Pech is mixing some kind of doppelganger potion. She conspires with a waiter to use the potion to poison Adalind. Once Adalind is unconscious, Pech takes some of her blood and adds it to a vial. Pech drinks it, and Pech turns into Adalind, while Adalind turns into Pech.

Stefania calls “Adalind” and tells her she has a way to kill Pech. “Adalind” rushes over to Stefania’s, and Stefania tells her how she will trick Pech and lure her away. They need Pech’s still beating heart in order to get Adalind her powers back. As Stefania is explaining to “Adalind” how they would kill Pech, Stefania’s son comes up behind “Adalind” and chokes her out with a rope.

Stefania knows that it is Pech. She stabs her in order to pull her heart out. Adalind turns back into Pech and vice versa. The real Adalind wakes up and knows that Pech has been taken care of. So Adalind was banking on Pech trying to become her doppelganger?

The Captain’s informant sends him pictures of the false documents that Eric had in his desk. Captain Renard tells Nick about them, hoping they can figure out who the people are that are connected to these fake documents.

Meanwhile, two zombies are loose in the city. Lily and Al, the tow truck driver. Nick and Sgt Wu arrive at a building where the two of them are holed up. Lily bites Wu, and then tries to leap at Nick, but he sidesteps her. She goes through a second story window and lands on a car, then gets up and is still running around.

Lily is taken into custody, but Nick manages to subdue Al. He has Hank pull the car around so they can take him to the Spice Shop. Rosalee and Monroe can create an antidote, but it must be administered to the zombies while they are in the violent, crazed state. Nick and Hank leave the man with Rosalee and Monroe while they go follow up on some leads.

At the station, Hank and Nick are looking up missing persons reports. They find that there are 19 missing person in the last day, including a whole bus full of people. They also talk to Al’s boss, who has a recording of Baron calling for service on the day that Al disappeared.

Back at the Spice Shop, Al wakes up, but is still handcuffed. He starts breaking anything he can get near, until Monroe knocks him out. They give him the antidote, and he eventually wakes up. They call Nick, who is with Juliette, to come to the shop right away. Juliette tells Nick that she wants to be involved with his work, and doesn’t want to be alone in the house anymore.

They arrive at the shop, and Nick questions Al about what happened to him. He remembers Baron’s hat, a lot of green, and a dark room. He tells Nick there were a bunch of other people there. Nick is able to deduce that the missing people could be in a shipping container in a parking lot across from where they found Baron’s car.

Captain Renard meets with Eric. The Captain and his mother were almost killed by Eric’s mother when Captain Renard was only 13. The Captain is the bastard of the family because his mother is a hexenbiest. Eric says that they want him back in the family, and things are different now. He is giving Captain Renard more time to get the key from Nick.

Back at the shop, Nick tells Monroe and Rosalee that Captain Renard’s brother is in town, and this could have something to do with Baron’s “Revolution”. Nick tells Rosalee to hide the key. They also need to make a lot more of the antidote to give to the zombies that are being held.

Nick, Monroe, Juliette, and Rosalee head over to the parking lot to check out the shipping containers. While they are searching, Baron releases the zombie from one of the containers. The four are able to subdue the few zombies and give them the antidote, but Baron releases another container of zombies, and things get crazy.

Nick distracts the zombies so the others can escape. They make it to the car, but Nick is nowhere to be found. He has found Baron, and chased him on top of the containers. They fight, and they both fall into the container they are fighting on.

It’s a trap, though, as Nick finds voodoo paraphernalia, and a coffin. Baron surprises Nick, spraying him with the poison. Eric shows up at the container, and Nick is inside, catatonic, with the fake documents bearing Nick’s photo. Eric closes the coffin, with Nick inside. Based on the documents, I’m guessing that Eric is planning on shipping Nick somewhere far far away.