TV: Alien Allies Highlight Season Three of 'Falling Skies'

TV: Alien Allies Highlight Season Three of ‘Falling Skies’


Fans of Falling Skies can expect more twists, a few answers, and plenty more questions from the third season of the TNT show. We had a chance to chat with series star Noah Wyle, newcomer Doug Jones, and executive producer Remi Aubuchon about the return of the aliens vs. humans drama this June.

Calling this the toughest shoot he has ever done, Wyle, who plays former history professor Tom Mason, is extremely proud of how the season has come together. Indeed, there is a lot of change this season with Tom, who at the end of season two wanted to stay with Second Mass. When we see him next, it is seven months later, he is the President of the United States, and he has formed an alliance with a new race of aliens, known as the Volm, and their leader, Cochise (Jones).

Tom and Anne’s (Moon Bloodgood) baby is also born, his sons Matt (Maxim Knight) and Ben (Connor Jessup) enjoy more independence, and his eldest son Hal (Drew Roy) deals with the eye worm that is causing him to lose control of himself and possibly be used as a spy for the enemy aliens.

But what happened in those seven months and can the Volm really be trusted? Wyle says audiences will have to tune in to find out.

Speaking on Cochise, Wyle said he feels Tom trusts the alien leader on a very instinctual level and also because the Volm’s technology is working against the Espheni. “They have a technology that’s far superior to anything that we have. And through this alliance, our group has not only been able to defend its borders but expand them. And for the first time since the invasion begins we’re winning.”

Jones adds even though some characters are still wary of him, he hopes Cochise stays friendly, especially in his relationship with Tom. “Now Noah Wyle’s Tom Mason, he’s the one who befriends me and he’s the one I’m most interested in because he’s the leader of his people, I’m the leader of mine, and we have a lot of responsibility to share together.”

Cochise is just one of the new additions to season three, which expands beyond just the group of Second Mass. Aubuchon, who is in his last season as the show runner, says that much of the show has always been focused on the characters of Second Mass and their experiences, but that really changes with Tom becoming President and being more involved in Charleston. “To suddenly see how other humans are dealing with everything I think makes for a very rich tapestry in this season.”

Season three also brings in two guest stars. Gloria Reuben stars as Marina Perlata, an aide to Tom who may have her own agenda too. Robert Sean Leonard is set for six episodes as the gifted scientist Roger Kadar who is keeping Charleston running. Wyle is excited about both guest stars and has even pushed to make Sean Leonard a series regular.

Regarding the lasting appeal of the show, Aubuchon believes audiences are fascinated by apocalyptic fantasy and that audiences are “energized” by seeing everyday life reduced to the basics.

“We like to believe that we all could be heroes if all of the sudden you know zombies showed up at our doorstep. Well, I would not personally be that hero, but I’d be running really fast. But, you like to think that you’d be the Tom Mason who you know grabs a gun and says, ‘By God, we’re not going to let people take over our homeland.’”