TV: Check Out Some New Promos for FX's 'The Bridge'

TV: Check Out Some New Promos for FX’s ‘The Bridge’


FX is doing a great job keeping our interest in its upcoming new series The Bridge. We’ve had a few promos for the show before and with each one, the anticipation keeps building and we’re really looking forward to the show. This is marketing done well.

To keep things going, we’ve got several more videos promoting the show to share with you today. In these, which have cool names like “Carpenter, “Horses”, “Coyote” and “Corner,” we learn a bit more about the world of The Bridge and also the creepy/cool vibe the show is going for.

Judging from these new promos, and the ones before, the creators have succeeded. The series, which stars Demián Bichir and Diane Kruger, premieres July 10th at 10PM E/P on FX.

The new videos are after the break.