'Skylanders' WON'T Be Coming to the Big Screen... or Small Screen

‘Skylanders’ WON’T Be Coming to the Big Screen… or Small Screen

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After seeing 100 million Skylander units sold between the games and figure packs, one would imagine it is fair game for Activision to overextend the popularity of the series. That was the model back in the 80s though. Create a toy line and use TV to promote it to the point where feature films become an option. Then capitalize on the success of the film with more new figures. But this isn’t the 80s and Activision is being more responsible with the Skylanders franchise. (Yes, I know. The guys who drove the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk franchises into the ground are doing the right thing!)

In a recent interview with MVC, Activision Publishing VP of consumer marketing John Coyne said “the game is the entertainment.” Along with further statements, it sounds like the Skylanders will be kept to their gaming and toy mediums alone for the near future at the least. Whereas a game is usually the way for a popular TV series to capitalize on its fame, this apparently isn’t the way Skylanders wants to go with telling its stories. (Probably a good thing I didn’t waste the time drafting up those Skylander comic book submissions.)

“In terms of a TV show or a movie, no there are not any plans,” Coyne said. “We believe the game is the entertainment. You talk to kids who are real fans of the franchise, and they will be able to tell you Gill Grunt’s powers, backstory, what his friends are and generally what’s going on in the world of Skylanders. The same sort of things that they are able to articulate around a TV show or a movie.”

Over a billion dollars later, Activision is set to launch the third installment in the series, Skylanders SWAP Force this fall. Stick to the Flickcast for more on Skylanders and the upcoming Skylanders SWAP Force, hopefully including some previews of the latest figures in the very near future!