Kickstarter Watch: 'LFG: The Fork of Truth' for PC, Mac and Linux

Kickstarter Watch: ‘LFG: The Fork of Truth’ for PC, Mac and Linux

LFG The Stick of Truth Kickstarter Watch

Often, Kickstarter campaigns come from companies and properties we have never heard of and it has proven itself to be a great source for finding new IPs. But it has also been a way for creators with more established properties to help to find support from their audience in exchange for an actual product rather than just looking for donations. One of these companies is Blind Ferret which has been someone the Flickcast team has been aware of for quite some time. The team behind Looking For Group and the Gutters, we have seen both the comics as well as their yearly booth appearance at San Diego Comic Con. So when it came to our attention that they were doing a Kickstarter to help create a video game based off the LFG property, it quickly shot to the top of our radar.

With the campaign ending at Friday night of Comic Con in less than three weeks, LFG: The Fork of Truth is about a sixth of the way there for its $600K goal. This is one of the Kickstarters that needs support from its audience rather than people sitting back and assuming others will just kick in and they’ll be able to purchase it after the fact.

LFG: The Fork of Truth is a dungeon crawler hack and slash set in the brightly colored world of Looking For Group. From the early footage, it looks like there is a lot of potential with the team from Paladin Studios from the Netherlands working on the title. One of my favorite parts of this campaign is the team allowing for high contributors to get the chance to help design characters and locations into the game in the forms of NPCs, bosses and inns or taverns. For fans of the series, it is a chance to get themselves a lasting legacy along with some of their favorite series. This level comes on top of allowing contributors the chance to help design and name items in the game as well. Though not the same as allowing a player to put themselves alongside the X-Men in a new title, it is the opportunity for fans to find their own creative concepts in the world they have loved and supported for so long.

The team also has some fantastic stretch goals including PvP and porting the title to Android tablets but they are first going to need their audience’s support for the initial $600,000 goal. Make sure to head to the LFG: The Fork of Truth Kickstarter page and contribute and check out the two trailers below as well.