QuakeCon 2013 Crowns New Champion

QuakeCon 2013 Crowns New Champion

QuakeCon Champion

It looks like Quake is still a thing. Who knew? While it has been years since I grabbed a mouse and keyboard and hit a Quake deathmatch, there have been others who haven’t stopped.

Each year, QuakeCon brings together the top players in the Quake world and this time was no exception. For this year’s $9,000 prize in the Quick Live 1v1 QuakeCon 2013 Championship, it was American Quake Champion Shane “Rapha” Hendrixson who would go on to beat Sergey “Evil” Orekhov in a best of five championship series.

As you’ll see in the video below, Rapha was able to take down Evil who forfeited with a massive lead in the fourth and final game of their match. Going into the match though, Rapha was being considered a little bit of the the underdog to the Russian Orekhov and he knew it.

In an interview with Gamespot.com, Rapha discussed his feelings going into the finals:

“Most definitely I knew that if he made the finals it was going to be one of the most difficult ones I’ve ever had to win and it sure proved to be that way,” Hendrixson said. “I had to play at my best because his shape right now is just insane. The amount of damage he can output compared to other players is just on another level.”

“I think I was able to overcome him this time because I myself was playing better. The LAN conditions felt amazing this year. Part of it also is I started to pickup on subtle things that I needed to be more aware of or could exploit in his game and it definitely helped out. Every game was still super tough regardless of my shape being at a very high level at this event.”

This isn’t the first QuakeCon win for Rapha. Hendrixson has won the event three times (tied with Alexy “Cypher” Yashunevsky and John “ZeRo4” Hill for the most wins at the event) and as well as a dozen other major Quake 3 and Quake Live competitions.

Make sure to check out the slaughter of the final round in the video below.