Is Vin Diesel Groot or Just a Troll?

Is Vin Diesel Groot or Just a Troll?

Groot Vin Diesel Cover Image

A select few saw, and most only heard about, the first peek at Guardians of the Galaxy when it was given at Comic-Con and part of the cast appeared on stage including Dave Bautista, Chris Pratt and a recently shaved headed Karen Gillan. But even though Drax, Starlord and Nebula were represented, there were a few characters vital to the Guardians of the Galaxy roster that were not present, notably Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Now while we weren’ t expecting to see a walking and talking raccoon and tree combo take the stage, it was possible that their voice actors could have shown up, but that wasn’t the case.

Yesterday, the internet nerd community went crazy with rumors of Vin Diesel getting the role of Groot. While it has been known that Diesel had spoken to Kevin Feige, it was said that Disney and Marvel might not be using him any time soon. Well this didn’t mean anything to the internet after Vin Diesel briefly changed his Facebook cover image to that of Groot for a few minutes before changing it back to an image of himself shortly after.

(On a side note, can someone tell Vin how douchey it looks that half of the images he has used for cover images on Facebook were pictures of himself featuring his own quotes?)

Keep in mind this isn’t the first time Diesel has teased a Marvel character on his Facebook page with a recent image of the Vision who may be a role to be cast in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Technically, there’s nothing to say he can’t play one of, if not both of the roles, but right now it is all pure speculation. I am still personally waiting for Vin to be put in the role of Panthro in a live action Thundercats movie but that’s probably wishful thinking.

One thing is for certain though, if Diesel is cast as either of the two roles, he is probably going to have a clause put in all future contracts keeping him off Facebook.