'Blanka is a Troll' May Be My New Favorite Thing On YouTube

‘Blanka is a Troll’ May Be My New Favorite Thing On YouTube

Blanka Is a Troll

The internet is filled with pictures, gifs and videos of people failing at life in some way shape or form. These can be Jackass style stunts, car dash cams or just people who have screwed up even the most basic thing to disastrous results while someone just happened to have their iPhone out. Facebook pages featuring these pictures gain millions of fans and the compilation videos on YouTube gain millions of views.

There must be something inherently terrible about people that they enjoy watching others fail. But it doesn’t end there, after watching people fail, there is a next level of person who takes pleasure in the failures of other. That person is known as a Troll.

Launching a little over two months ago, Blanka is a Troll is a series of videos that put in sprites of everyone’s favorite electric green Street Fighter into these fail situations to hilarious results. Seeing a bride fall into a pool of water somehow becomes even funnier when it is Blanka who pushed her in. Watching a bunch of skateboarders bite it is even better when Blanka unleashed a bunch of pineapples in their path. As you’ll see in the video below, Blanka is a Troll shows just how terrible we can be as people and how we can make someone’s embarassing moment that much worse by immortalizing it and exposing it to millions of strangers online.

Created by the ParodyPub.fr channel, Blanka is a Troll does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of a troll and giving people a new way to look at the fail videos that populate so much of YouTube. It has also spawn what may be the second series for the channel called Chun-Li is Jealous where Chun-Li takes out her aggress on other women who are giving ladies a bad name. Check out the very first episode of Blanka is a Troll below.