TV RECAP: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Ep. 103 – ‘For the Triumph of Evil’

TV RECAP: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Ep. 103 – ‘For the Triumph of Evil’

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This episode centers on a Native American dream demon known as Ro’kenhronteys (The Sandman). He visits Abbie in a dream that includes Ichabod Crane and an unknown woman.

Abbie and Crane are called to the scene where a woman is on a ledge high up on a building. Abbie goes to talk to her, and notices that it’s the same woman from her dream. Her name is Maura Vega, and she treated Abbie’s sister Jenny at the first mental hospital she was admitted to. Vega tells Abbie that she always believed Jenny, but did nothing to help her. Vega says that she has had this coming a long time, they all have. She then jumps from the building.

Vega’s eyes were glassed over and all white. When the medical examiner opens her eyes to check, her eye turns to sand. Since this woman had treated Abbie’s sister in the past, Crane wants to talk to Jenny to see if she can help. Abbie explains that their relationship is strained, but Crane insists.

Jenny won’t agree to see Abbie, but Crane manages to get himself in Jenny’s room. He tells her that he has seen what she has, and they need her help. Jenny says that she has a clear conscience, and that Crane should find out if Abbie can say the same.

Abbie begrudgingly tells Crane about how when the girls were found in the woods, four days had passed. The man who found them saw the demon in the woods too. Abbie told her sister not to tell anyone what they saw. Jenny didn’t listen, and told the officers all about the demon. Abbie lied and said she didn’t see anything. Abbie was allowed to stay in the foster home, and Jenny was taken away.

Crane decides that they should go see Mr. Gillespie, the man who saw the demon that day but said nothing. The Sandman gets to Mr. Gillespie’s house first, however, and now Mr. Gillespie has his wife held hostage.

Abbie and Crane arrive, and Mr. Gillespie is asking for Abbie. His eyes are glassed over and white, and he tells her that “he” is coming for her next. The next time she falls asleep, she’s dead. Gillespie than kills himself.

Crane knows of this particular dream demon, as Native Americans were used as spies during the war. They told of this evil Sandman who will come for you in your dreams if you do not do well by your neighbors.

Abbie takes Crane to visit a Shaman, who is a car salesman. Crane insists that the man help them, but he refuses. Crane tells him that his conscience will not be clear if he doesn’t help them.

The only way to beat The Sandman is to confront him in your dreams (yes, like Nightmare On Elm Street). Abbie is given a special tea, and Crane takes it too so he can help. They are also stung by scorpions so they are able to move within their dream. If they die in the dream, they die for real. The spirit will pick the challenge that Abbie must complete.

Abbie first ends up in the woods and stupidly tries to shoot the demon. Clearly that didn’t work. She then ends up looking in at her and her sister being questioned by the officer. Abbie finally admits that she lied, that she did see the demon, and that she failed her sister. Having cleared her conscience, The Sandman turns to glass, and Abbie smashes him to bits.

After spilling her guts to The Sandman in her dream, Abbie goes to visit Jenny to apologize to her. When she gets there, Jenny is gone. She has escaped from her room and into the vent in the ceiling.