TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ - Episode 402: ‘Infected’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ – Episode 402: ‘Infected’

Walking Dead 402 Pic

Hey folks, I’m back after a couple of week layoff. I had some family stuff to attend to, and was unable to do any recaps. But I’m back now, and ready to go!

A flashlight is shown shining on the walkers outside of the prison. A rat is fed to them, but the person feeding them is never shown. I immediately thought of The Governor, but perhaps someone on the inside is doing his bidding.

Tyrese and Karen part ways for the evening, as they stay in different cellblocks. Karen stops off in the bathroom, and thinks she hears a noise. As we all wait for the zombified Patrick to attack, she sees nothing and leaves. Patrick emerges after she leaves.

Patrick enters the cellblock and almost goes into Karen’s cell, but hears another man cough and goes to him. Patrick enters the man’s cell, and kills and eats him. Patrick hears another person coughing, and goes to them. We see the man he just killed wake up, now a zombie.

Rick is teaching Carl about the importance of their farming duties, when the alarm sounds. People have found the walkers in the cellblocks. Carl is heading to the watchtower, when he sees Michonne trying to get back into the prison grounds. He lets her in, but several walkers follow her.

Michonne is trapped between the entrance and the grounds with several walkers. They attack Michonne, and Carl manages to shoot one of them. Maggie and Rick are able to save Michonne, and bring her back inside.

After clearing out all of the walkers, they find that both Patrick and another man have no bites or wounds. It is deduced that they suffered from some kind of flu, perhaps caught from pigs or birds. Most everyone has potentially been exposed, and they decide that anyone with symptoms will be quarantined for everyone’s safety. Karen and David are the only two currently suffering from any symptoms.

Daryl is talking to Rick about he has earned the right to make some decisions about the group. Rick and Carl have basically been lower members of the group, working on farming and other tasks to try and sustain the settlement. Rick tells Daryl how when he was in charge, he almost lost Carl.

Maggie comes over to tell them there is a problem. Walkers are about to overtake one of the perimeter fences. The group tries to kill as many as they can to get the weight off the fence, but there are too many. Sasha notices dead rats and asks if someone has been feeding them.

The fence is about to go, when Rick has an idea. He and Daryl drive out to where the walkers are and draw them way by offering them the pigs that he was raising. The rest of the group is able to strengthen the fence in the meantime. I guess the old Rick is back. This is re-affirmed when Rick gives Carl his gun back, and takes his own gun out of hiding. Rick burns the pigpen.

Tyrese is bringing some flowers to Karen, but her cell is bloody and empty. Tyrese follows the trail outside, where there are two burned bodies. One is Karen’s, and the other one should be David. Someone has burned the bodies, presumably before either of them had died.