'Grimm' Returns and 'Dracula' Premieres Tonight, So Here's Some Previews

‘Grimm’ Returns and ‘Dracula’ Premieres Tonight, So Here’s Some Previews


It’s Friday and you know what that means? Yeah, it means the weekend starts tonight. But this Friday it also means the return of one of our favorite shows, Grimm, and the premiere of another show that could be interesting if done right: Dracula.

And yes, to commemorate the return of Grimm, we’ve got some previews for tonight’s episode and the upcoming season. We’ve also got previews of Dracula, which features that English bloke Jonathan Rhys Meyers. We liked him in The Tudors. You may have seen that. If not, no worries, just watch him in Dracula instead.

Anyway, the fun starts tonight at 9/8C with Grimm followed by Dracula at 10/9C. Both shows are on NBC.

Check out the previews, and more, after the break.