TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 301: ‘The Ungrateful Dead’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 301: ‘The Ungrateful Dead’

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Captain Renard has followed his brother Eric to the shipping container warehouse, and found that Eric is taking something away in a coffin. Meanwhile, Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette are trapped on top of a stack of shipping containers trying to fend off zombies.

Captain Renard is being attacked by a pair of zombies, but woges up and takes them out. Juliette has called Hank to let him know they are in trouble and Nick is missing. Hank tries to call Nick, but Captain Renard answers. The police arrive and contain the zombies, and Captain Renard and Hank leave with Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette.

The Baron tells an unconscious Nick that he is being sent to his new castle. Hank has alerted the local cops to that there is unauthorized flight activity from the local airport. Two cops are sent to check it out, but The Baron paralyzes them both with his green goo.

Hank, Captain Renard, Rosalee, Juliette, and Monroe arrive at the airport just as the plane is taking off. Renard says that they are probably taking Nick to Austria, where his family will have control of him.

The Baron is on the plane, when he hears noises coming from Nick’s coffin. He is intrigued by this. Nick is awake, and breaks out of the coffin. The Baron sprays more green goo into his face, but it doesn’t work. Nick is in a crazy, zombie like state, and attacks The Baron and the co-pilot of the plane. The plane goes down, and crashes in the woods.

Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette are working on making a ton of the antidote for the zombie being held in a storage container by Sgt Wu. Monroe accidentally breaks a bottle, and they realize they can administer the antidote via a gas, and treat everyone all at once.

Captain Renard calls his contact in Vienna, and orders a hit on his brother Eric. His contact reminds him how severe this action will be taken with the Royal Family, and Renard is fine with this. He tells his contact to just stay close to the family, and act surprised when it happens.

The plane is down in the woods of an unknown area. The pilot and co-pilot are either dead or near death, and The Baron does appear to be dead. Nick is alive and very angry. Nick heads out of the woods and sees a car on the road. He is then seen near a bar, so clearly the plane didn’t make it very far.

Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette arrive at the shipping yard with the antidote. They break the bottles inside the container, and the zombies are cured. They are normal human beings again.

Hank receives the location of the crash, and he and Juliette, Rosalee, and Monroe head over. The Baron is indeed dead. The pilot and co-pilot are still alive, and Nick is missing. Hank gets a call about a disturbance at a bar not too far from the crash site. They head over, thinking that Nick is probably the disturbance.

Nick had entered the bar, and almost immediately started fighting with many of the patrons. He injured a lot of people, including punching a woman square in the face. When everyone arrives, he has already left. Monroe can smell him, and says he smells different.

Hank takes Monroe to track Nick, while Captain Renard, Juliette, and Rosalee stay at the bar to wait for police. Monroe is still on the trail of Nick, when we see Nick heading towards a house in the woods.

Throughout the episode, Stefania is having Adalind perform rituals to get her Hexenbiest powers back. Stefania has killed Frau Pech, and removed her still beating heart, sealing it in a box with was. Adalind must cut off all of Pech’s limbs, and pluck out her eyeballs.

They go into the woods, and Adalind must dig a hole and bury the body parts, as well as the boxed heart. She will get a sign if she has been accepted. Some mist comes out of the hole, and the foliage around the hole is all killed. The mist goes into Adalind’s body, and she has her powers back. Stefania tells Adalind that she now must collect all of the dead flowers.