TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 403: ‘Isolation’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 403: ‘Isolation’

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In this episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead Tyreese demands that Rick find out who killed Karen and David. When Rick is not as gung-ho about finding the killer as he feels he should be, Tyreese punches him twice. Rick snaps and beats the holy hell out of Tyreese. Daryl of all people calms the situation.

Everyone that was in the cellblock where the infection first started is now sick, including Dr. S and Sasha. There is no stopping the sickness, but it may be able to be treated with antibiotics. Daryl and Michonne volunteer to go to a vet school about 50 miles away to try and find some medicine. Children and the elderly will be quarantined for their safety.

Tyreese seems to be going a bit nuts, and tells Rick if he doesn’t find the killer today, than Tyreese will find them himself. Meanwhile, Glenn is also sick. Herschel leaves quarantine, but Carl insists on going with him. Rick left Carl “in charge” of quarantine, and it seems to be going to Carl’s head.

Herschel is collecting some berries as Carl stands guard. They find a couple of walkers, but nothing to worry about. Maggie scolds Herschel for being outside, but Herschel knows he can do something to help the infected. If he is risking his life no matter what he does, he may as well do it helping others.

Tyreese agrees to go with Michonne, Daryl, and Bob to the vet school to get supplies. Carol is trying to fix the water supply outside the jail. Rick is investigating the murders. Carol ends up attracting some zombies, and Rick helps her get back onto the compound. Rick asks Carol if she killed Karen and David, and she says she did. I thought they were leaning towards that, but when she yes so matter of factly, it had me double guessing myself.

Daryl and Michonne are in the front of the car, and Daryl is saying how the trail went cold or else he’d be out there with her looking. I guess they are done looking for The Governor for now. Daryl is fiddling with the radio in the car, and they briefly hear what sounds like a voice on one of the stations. Daryl is distracted and has to swerve to miss some walkers.

They run into a wall of walkers coming from the school, and the car is consumed. Daryl and Michonne make a path for Bob and Tyreese, but only Bob makes a run for it. Tyreese waits until the last second and jumps into a swarm of zombies and starts going postal on them. The others escape into the woods. Tyreese emerges some time later, seemingly fine.

Herschel is in the sick ward administering treatments to the patients. He visits Dr. S first, who of course coughs blood all over his face. He visits Glenn, and tries to give him some hope that he and they will survive.

This was a pretty slow episode, as you can see by the length of my review. Basically the first 50 minutes was a bunch of nothing, and all the zombie action was in the last 10 minutes. The preview for next week looks very busy, so I guess they wanted to wear you down before they shoot you full of action. There have been slow episodes in other seasons, but this may have been the slowest.