Everything You Need to Know About the XBox One

Everything You Need to Know About the XBox One


Witht the release of Microsoft’s XBox One just two weeks away, the anticipation is, of course, building. Not that fans of the console need another reason to be excited, but Microsoft has gone ahead and given them one (or more) anyway.

How, you may ask? Well, the company has released an extensive video tour of the new console. The hands-on walkthrough with the Xbox One is over 12 minutes and includes a thorough look at the new Windows 8-like dashboard which many people (including this writer) aren’t that crazy about.

Microsoft also takes an in-depth look at gaming, multitasking, app-switching, the new Kinect, voice commands, automatic sign-in, Skype integration and a whole lot more.

With both the One and the PS4 vying for our hard-earned dollars, this video definitely helps inch the One into the lead as to which console we’re going to buy first. That is, if we can find one.

The Xbox One launches on Friday, November 22nd, and will cost $499.99 bundled with a controller and the new Kinect system. Check out the video after the break.