TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 303: ‘A Dish Best Served Cold’

TV RECAP: ‘Grimm’ Episode 303: ‘A Dish Best Served Cold’

Grimm 303 Pic

Nick is at the doctor’s office doing the typical TV doctor’s office visit test – running on a treadmill with all kinds of wires on him. No matter how fast he runs, his heartbeat and blood pressure do not change. The doctor figures there is just an issue with the equipment.

Monroe and Rosalee are out to eat, and Monroe awkwardly asks Rosalee to move in with him. They profess their love for each other, and she accepts. The chef sends over some beef and truffle tarts to the table, but Rosalee eats them both, as Monroe is apparently now a vegetarian. A couple comes over to say hi to Monroe for no apparent reason.

As in all TV shows, nothing ever happens “for no reason.” Two people have died under gruesome circumstances. They climbed up into a tree and their stomachs exploded. At least one of them was a Blutbad. Nick and Hank find out that the two “victims” ate at the same restaurant.

Hank and Nick talk to the chef at the restaurant who assures them he has no health violations. Nick notices that the chef and his whole cook staff are Bauerschwein, basically pig people.

When Nick tells Juliette about the how the people died, she describes a condition in animals where they bloat and their intestines explode. She says that it happens to certain breeds within a species. Nick wonders if the victims are specific type of Wesen.

Nick is moving his stuff out of Monroe’s house, where they have setup a surprise going away party. While celebrating, Rosalee takes a phone call. The man they had seen at the restaurant has gone missing. He is a Blutbad. Nick asks Monroe, and one of the other victims was a Blutbad that he knew as well. So it looks like the Blutbad are the breed of Wesen affected by this bloat illness.

Rosalee heads for the shop, where she traces the condition to a German mushroom. Rosalee remembers the tarts that were given to them. They didn’t order them, so it would go undetected. The question now is whether or not the chef is purposely trying to kill Blutbad. It’s the basic “pigs get revenge on the big bad wolf by killing every wolf they can in the most cowardly, non confrontational method possible” scenario.

The police have found Sam’s car, and Nick, Hank, and Monroe go to find him. They are too late though. As soon as they find Sam up in a tree, his stomach explodes. Nick confronts the chef again, who admits to killing the Blutbaden, but also knows that there is no way Nick can prove it. Monroe wants to take out the chef himself, much to the dismay of Nick and Rosalee.

The chef is leaving work, and Monroe starts chasing him. Monroe corners him, along with a horde of other Blutbaden. Hank and Nick arrive, and Nick starts fighting with Monroe. Nick has to arrest Monroe, but Monroe charges him and Nick shoots him.

As I suspected almost immediately, it’s a trick. Hank and Nick tell the chef that if he doesn’t confess to the murders they will let the other Blutbaden kill him. He agrees to confess, and Monroe opens his eyes after they leave (he had actually opened his eyes once while they were bargaining with the chef). The chef gives a written confession to Nick, and warns Nick that this won’t end anything.

Captain Renard’s confidant (apparently named Sebastian) gives the captain an update on the investigation. They think it is either the Resistance or another family, but no mention of Meisner. Adalind asks Sebastian about any leads in the case.

The Captain tells Sebastian to find Frau Pech, as she will most likely be looking for another buyer. Sebastian cannot find Pech, but finds a note at her house alluding to a hotel room. Sebastian goes there and finds Adalind staying in the room. I thought Captain Renard already knew Adalind was having a baby, but maybe he only knew Pech was trying to sell a royal baby and didn’t know who the mother was.