'Mixers' Episode 2 - 'Dr. Who' vs. 'Game of Thrones' with Mars Rising Films

‘Mixers’ Episode 2 – ‘Dr. Who’ vs. ‘Game of Thrones’ with Mars Rising Films

Mixers 2

Welcome back for another episode of Mixers from the team of Whiskey & Waffles. This episode the adult geek cocktail competition takes on TV with JC tackling the Game of Thrones from HBO with his creation known as the Lanister and WallE brings his love of Doctor Who to the bar with his appropriate named Who Bomb. To help WallE and JC in their alcoholic endeavor is Tom, one half of the production house and YouTube channel known as Mars Rising Films.

Mars Rising Films focus on special effect videos similar to the style of that of FreddieW’s Rocket Jump or Corridor Digital with a geek slant. Tom and his partner Jon have recently released a Wii U Taken parody and brought Mario and Link to the bar to compare battle scars. Most notably, Mars Rising Films have signed on to work with the Epic Meal Time guys for a series known as the Legend of Muscles Glasses.

Make sure to take a peek at the Lanister and Who Bomb competition including recipes and make sure to stay tuned for more from the Whiskey & Waffles team.