TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 210: ‘Blast Radius’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 210: ‘Blast Radius’

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Arrow chases down a drug dealer and asks him about the man in the skull mask.  He dealer claims to not know him.  Arrow returns to headquarters and tells Diggle that no one on the streets seems to know this man.  Felicity has gone to visit Barry, who is in a coma.

Laurel is still taking random pills, and is now investigating Sebastian Blood.  She gets a weird vibe from him, and has found that he was connected to a psych building that was destroyed by a suspicious fire.  He also has ties to Cyrus Gold, the man who killed several officers and almost killed Quentin.

Oliver hosts a party for Sebastian helping his campaign for mayor.  While at the party, a man in a car spewing anti government rhetoric to himself blows up a building.  Reports are that there was a cleaning crew and some bankers working late still inside.  Arrow goes to help and helps the bankers escape the building.

The bomber released a 300-page manifesto full of anti-government propaganda.  After hearing of the bombing, Felicity returns to Starling City to help.  Oliver is relieved she is back, and it kind of seems like he hadn’t wanted her gone in the first place.

Laurel goes to see Sebastian at his campaign office.  She brings up Cyrus Gold, and Sebastian reveals that he was a priest that befriended him at a time in his life where he was lost.  His mother had killed his abusive father and then disappeared, leaving Sebastian on his own.  Sebastian is called away, and Laurel goes through his mail, finding a hospital invoice for someone named Maya Resik.

Quentin brings Arrow samples from the bombsite.  Based on what is in there, this is a professional bomb maker, not some run of the mill nutjob.  Quentin has a request for Arrow – he wants to know who tipped off Cyrus Gold that the cops were coming.  Quentin thinks it may be a cop, but doesn’t know for sure.  He wants Felicity to check phone records for him.

While Quentin and Arrow are meeting on top of a building, another blast goes off.  Felicity is able to track the bomber, and Arrow pursues him on his motorcycle.  The bomber throws a flash grenade and a smoke grenade at Arrow, and gets away.  Felicity picks up the signal again, but it’s a dead end.

Oliver returns to headquarters and blames Felicity for the bomber getting away.  They argue, with Oliver telling her that she wasn’t here when the first bomb went off, and that she’s half-assing her work even when she is there.  He basically came off as a jealous child, upset that she’s worried about Barry and not paying him enough attention.  Felicity storms off, and Diggle tries to calm down Oliver.

Laurel asks her father to help her find Maya Resik.  All he can dig up is that she’s in a mental institution, and she is Sebastian’s aunt.  He tells her that she’s finally found a nice guy, and to just let it go.  If he only knew how wrong he was.

Sebastian plans a unity rally in the center of town, which everyone else sees as basically gathering a bunch of citizens together as a target for the bomber.  Sebastian wants to show the bomber that they are not afraid.  Arrow tries to convince him to call of the rally, but he refuses.

The bombings are tracked to a militant group called The Movement.  Felicity is able to hack their message boards, and finds that the most active poster logs in from a gift shop in town.  Arrow sends Diggle to the rally, and he goes to the gift shop.

The gift shop is booby-trapped, and Arrow is stuck where he is, as the bomber has left a pre-recorded message saying that the store is rigged with explosives, as is the rally site.  Oliver is forced to watch TV coverage of the rally, and as luck would have it, Roy, Thea, and Moira are on camera right when he looks at the TV.

Felicity helps Oliver, telling him that if he trips the wiring, all of the fuses will blow, and the bomb will not detonate.  He shoots a fuse box with an arrow, and the bomb does not go off.  He heads off to the rally, where Diggle has already found the detonator in one of the speakers.

The bomber confronts Diggle and Felicity, shooting Diggle and taking off just as Arrow arrives.  Arrow chases him down and hits him with his motorcycle.  The bomber threatens to detonate the bomb, but Arrow shoots the wire with an arrow, making the detonator useless.

During the rally, Roy saved Moira from a falling lighting rig by pushing her out of the way.  The rig landed on him, but instead of it crushing him, he pushed it up and off of him with some new found “Mirakuru strength”.  When Thea wants to talk about it, he rushes off and seems addled by it.

Diggle was shot in the shoulder, but will be fine.  Oliver apologizes to Felicity, explaining that he started doing this figuring he would do it all on his own.  But he needs Diggle and Felicity, and even calls Felicity his partner. He also tells her that she will be there when Barry wakes up.

Laurel visits Maya in the mental hospital and discovers that she is not Sebastian’s aunt, but his mother. She tells Laurel that Sebastian killed his father, and had her committed.  She says he is the devil, and cannot be trusted.  Meanwhile, Arrow and Sebastian have just shaken hands, agreeing to work together to save the city.

On the island flashbacks, Slade is trying to cope with his newfound strength.  He almost kills Oliver before Sara hits him with a log and he snaps out of it.  They are getting a message from Ivo on the walkie saying that if they just give him the Mirakuru he will let them all go.  Sara goes to find Slade, but he is gone, and has taken the serum with him.