'Grimm' and 'Hannibal' Return Tonight, So Here's Some Previews

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ Return Tonight, So Here’s Some Previews


Friday night used to be pretty much a wasteland when it came to TV shows. People go out on Friday nights so networks used to dump their least interesting shows, or ones they didn’t care much about, at the end of the work week.

Now, with pretty much everyone having a DVR and the networks needing to compete with cable and online, Friday’s TV fare has greatly improved. Case in point are two shows we’re big fans of: Grimm and Hannibal.

Both are new tonight, now that the Olympics are over, and we’ve got previews for both of them for you. We won’t get too much into details about what happens in the new episodes, but you can definitely expect some surprises and a lot of action.

Grimm airs at 9/8C followed by Hannibal at 10/9C on NBC. Check out the previews after the break.