'Helix' Is New Tonight, So Here's a Preview

‘Helix’ Is New Tonight, So Here’s a Preview


It’s Friday so that means a new episode of Syfy’s Helix. And yes, we’re pretty glad about that. The show is fun and we enjoy it. So should you.

On this week’s episode as Jordan’s condition deteriorates, Alan and Julia travel to an abandoned satellite station for help. There they will learn more about the virus – and Hatake’s plans. Oh Hitake, you evil man.

We’ve got a preview for tonight’s episode for you after the break. Also, there’s an interview with series star Kyra Zagorsky who talks about filming one of the most difficult scenes for her character. Sorry, could be some spoilers.

Check out both videos after the break. Helix airs tonight at 10/9C on Syfy.