Vat19 Takes Awesome Gifts to YouTube

Vat19 Takes Awesome Gifts to YouTube


All over YouTube, you’ll find product placement. It’s a matter of fact today more than ever that advertisers are feeling the power of influencers on the space to help push their wares. And who can blame them with the success that companies like Tiger Direct or Dodge had with personalities like Rhett and Link or FreddieW? But it is rare you’ll see a channel so focused on pushing their own product and not just having it lead to sales but be a successful YouTube channel as well.

Best known for the world’s largest gummy worm as well as the world’s largest gummy bear (which cumulatively totaled over 30 million views, the team at Vat19 have amassed a following of over a half a million subscribers and over 500 videos featuring their products. The team at Vat19 gets their audience. They don’t just want their products to be fun, they want the advertising and feel of the brand to match it as well.

Do you need any of it? Probably not but do you need any of the stuff you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on ThinkGeek or Jinx either? Vat19 continues the geek trend with new, fun and occasionally useful gear that can in a pinch help someone out of a tight spot when the geek in their life needs a birthday gift. But realistically you’re just figuring out where on your desk you can fit the Electronic Desktop Shuffle Board.

Check out the channel trailer below, head to their YouTube channel or of course head to Vat19 for a full view at all their unique products.