Loot Crate Wars: 'Attack on Titanfall'

Loot Crate Wars: ‘Attack on Titanfall’

Attack on Titanfall

After the debacle of last month’s Warriors Loot Crate War, I took matters into my own hands. I picked the game and also watched over WallE’s shoulder while he was editing. If I was going to lose this Loot Crate War I would be doing it on my own terms. While the whole problem could be easily solved by ordering a second Loot Crate to Whiskey & Waffles HQ, there’s just really no fun in sharing.

This month, Loot Crate’s theme is Titan, or more specifically Attack on Titanfall. A mashup box of two popular Titan titled properties with Attack on Titan, a manga/anime/game, and Titanfall which is pretty much the most talked about game out so far on the XBox One. While keeping it spoiler free, I will say the items in this crate were definitely the most focused on a topic thus far and would really be appreciated by fans of one of or both series. That said, if neither of the two appealed to you this month probably wasn’t a month you were clamouring for although they do a great job of giving an introduction to one of the series *hint hint*

This month, WallE and I go head to head in Castle Crashers on XBLA. An oldie but a goodie, Castle Crashers multiplayer was the most fair way we could determine who got this month’s gear. Unfortunately right after we shot it we found out April’s theme was going to be Dragons so we probably should have waited but regardless it will be a fun watch, we promise!

To get your own Loot Crate head to their website by clicking here and using the Promo Code: whiskeyandwaffles for a discount on your subscription.