YouTube Pranksters Are Getting a Movie

YouTube Pranksters Are Getting a Movie

Natural Born Pranksters

They may be this generation’s Jackass but they aren’t yet a household name… yet. Vitalyzdtv, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady have about 10,000,000 subscribers and have gotten close to a billion views on their YouTube channels but the trio of pranksters aren’t satisfied with just being on top of the YouTube prank world. They want something bigger. And definitely a bigger screen.

The prank trio is pairing up with Collective Digital Studio to produce a movie called Natural Born Pranksters. The chief content officer for CDS Gary Binkow told the Hollywood Reporter, “We’re really interested in working with creative, dynamic influencers… Roman, Vitaly and Dennis are at the pinnacle of this genre. They have a really loyal and engaged fan base. We thought (the film) was a really great opportunity to tap into that.”

The three have been already working together for some time before joining up with Collective Digital Studio with Vitaly being the first this past fall. It has been about four years since Roman and Dennis began collaborating on videos with Vitaly joining the trinity of practical jokers two years ago. “We are just on the same level,” Atwood says. “We’re very competitive, but that’s what keeps us motivated. We’re like best friends that fight to be No. 1.”

Natural Born Pranksters goes into production in June and a release date has not yet been set. Check out Roman Atwood’s vlog below where he officially announced the film.