In Case You Missed It: Marvel is Coming to ‘Disney Infinity’

In Case You Missed It: Marvel is Coming to ‘Disney Infinity’

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It’s one of those things you would have figured would be a bigger deal but two weeks later and there hasn’t been a peep heard about it. Maybe I am running in the wrong circles or it really is telling of the popularity of Disney Infinity (or lack there of) but this should have been bigger news to the gaming and geek worlds.

Marvel has unleashed a trailer on their YouTube channel that gives a pretty good indication of a certain star spangled super hero making his way alongside the cast of Disney Infinity. Without getting tacky and talking about the “infinite” possibilities, it is pretty cool to hear this as one of the more public facing interactions between Disney and Marvel since the acquisition.

For those who don’t know, Disney Infinity is a video game that uses smart toy technology similar to that of Skylanders where players place figures on an e-reader stand which causes the character to appear in game as well. This upcoming expansion of characters will be one of the first times where a player can have Marvel characters interacting with those of Disney in Disney worlds as well.

So far, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University and The Incredibles are all a part of Disney Infinity but now we are waiting for the moment where we can have Captain America go head to head with Darth Vader. Come on Disney. You own it all. There is no reason not to make it happen. It is literally the option to print money…

… or at least it would be if Disney Infinity meant anything. Since its release, Disney Infinity has been playing catch up to Skylanders and despite its crew of very familiar faces, it hasn’t gained the following one would have expected. Although gamers who have kids probably won’t let their kids go near a Disney game after the abysmal failure of the Epic Mickey franchise. We all know Disney hasn’t put out a good game since Lion King and Aladin for the SNES (and no, the HD Remix of Ducktales doesn’t count as a new release).

But who knows? Maybe this new expansion is the chance to turn around the lackluster response for Disney Infinity. While Captain America is the obvious call from the trailer below, it may be more than just the Avengers assembling here. If Marvel plays their cards right, they can lock down the larger Marvel roster and put out enough expansions to create Marvel Infinity. Or at the very least come up with a collection of damn cool figures for us to purchase in hordes.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on Disney Infinity and this upcoming Marvel 2.0 version.