Mike Diva Takes His YouTube Audience Inside 'Watch Dogs' DLC

Mike Diva Takes His YouTube Audience Inside ‘Watch Dogs’ DLC


SFX guru and director Mike Diva has shown a love for gaming on his YouTube channel a number of times. Last year Mike put out an awesome homage to both Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon embracing pure 1980’s goodness just like the game and then to Mortal Kombat with a killer fight scene and phenomenal Easter egg joke inserted in there too. You can check out both on his YouTube channel.

Today, Mike released his latest video in anticipation of Ubisoft’s upcoming release Watch Dogs which comes out on Tuesday. In it, he explores the game’s tech vibe as well as the upcoming Season Pass DLC which will include cyborgs. And if there is one thing Mike Diva knows how to do, it’s bash cyborgs (he proved that last year in the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon video after all). Since it is a short, we won’t ruin it for you but it does have a distinct Diva flair to it

Take a peek below at Mike’s Watch Dogs video and make sure to let us know in the comments what you think of Mike Diva’s video, if you’re pumped for Watch Dogs and if you’re already considering the DLC season pass with the cyborg Conspiracy digital trip.