Loot Crate War: Adventure Unboxing Video

Loot Crate War: Adventure Unboxing Video

Loot Crate War May

Another day, another dollar. Another Loot Crate, another unboxing. Our apologies if you already came across it yesterday, but if you haven’t, you can check out Whiskey & Waffle’s Loot Crate War on the Adventure themed box. (Actually, even if you have already seen it, you can watch it again.)

This month’s Loot Crate theme is all about Adventure. As you can probably guess from the cover image above there is some Minecraft and some Legend of Zelda swag inside but also some Adventure Time love as well as some gear from some of our fellow YouTubers like Captain Sparklez and Markiplier.

This time JC goes digging into his vault of games to bring Fusion Frenzy 2, an ultimate minigame collection, to the table. In three close rounds with three very different minigames, JC and WallE go head to head with the victor taking the spoils.

Make sure to head to the Whiskey and Waffles YouTube channel and check out more of their past Loot Crate Wars. While Loot Crate has completely sold out of May Crates, you can still subscribe for next month’s June Crate, even though we don’t even know the theme yet. What you can do to make your life even better though is head to www.LootCrate.com/whiskeyandwaffles and use the promo code: whiskeyandwaffles and you’ll get 10% off your subscription.

Happy looting!