'The Simpsons' LEGO Minifigures Unbagging

‘The Simpsons’ LEGO Minifigures Unbagging

LEGO The Simpsons

LEGOs are a slippery slope. You see a cool Star Wars pack by the checkout at Target. It only costs five bucks. You tell yourself it would look cool on your desk. Then next time you see the Daily Bugle and think it’ll look great on your shelf. Six months later you have a replica of the Death Star and Batman’s Bat Cave taking up a quarter of your living room. And then, the sick bastards decide this isn’t enough and make something you’ve been waiting for since you were 5… the Simpsons in LEGO form.

Luckily I have the self control (lack of funds) to spend $270 on the Simpsons house even though it is pretty epic to say the least. Because of that, it’ll be easier to hold back purchasing Moe’s Tavern or the Quik-E Mart when they are inevitably released. But LEGO still knows how to stick it to you. They make a set of 16 blind bag minifigures of all of the top Simpsons characters and charge a “mere” $4 each. So just to get the entire set with no duplicates, it’s going to take $64 bucks, plus tax.

But the chance to own LEGO Bart, LEGO Homer, LEGO Maggie and so forth is too strong a temptation. $52 dollars later (plus tax) you have the Whiskey and Waffles The Simpsons LEGO unbagging and yes, the only reason there weren’t more is because they were sold out. Make sure to take a peek at our unbagging video below and give us your thoughts on how weak we are and how cool the minifigures are.