SDCC14: 'Vikings' Season 3 Sneak Peak

SDCC14: ‘Vikings’ Season 3 Sneak Peak

Getty Images/Ethan Miller for HISTORY

Getty Images/Ethan Miller for HISTORY

At the end of season two of Vikings, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) took the title King of the Danes by force when he and those loyal to him defeated King Horik. Now Ragnar is set on conquering England and even France as the HISTORY series continues to serve up epic battle scenes for viewers.

In one of the most shocking announcements at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, the cast revealed a major character would die this season. They were quiet as to who would get the axe (literally, most likely) but teased a major battle in Paris. Season 3 is bringing Alexander Ludwig’s Bjorn Ironside into the battle even more as he joins his father and uncle, Rollo (Clive Standen), in claiming new lands. Ragnar and his brother are finally moving forward together after nursing a strained  relationship for much of the last season.

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Aside from the creepy seer, let’s just talk for a minute about Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) picking up what appears to be Ragnar’s crown. Maybe he’s just holding it for his friend?

A lot of the success of Vikings has to do with the incredible cast that brings these characters, most of whom are based on historical figures, to life. Each day on set they put on their hand sewn costumes, put in their hair extensions and they go to work. “It just feels like we’re home and it feels like everybody wants to do the best that they possibly can,” said Katheryn Winnick, who plays the shield maiden, Lagertha.

Several new cast members are coming on board to the Vikings family. Lothaire Bluteau as Emperor Charles of France; Kevin Durand as the mysterious man known only as The Wanderer; Morgane Polanski as Princess Gisla, the  daughter and most trusted advisor of Emperor Charles; and Ben Robson as Kalf, Lagertha’s second in command.

Season 3 of Vikings is slated for 2015 and will feature ten episodes. Last week during Comic-Con, select fans received the limited edition Vikings comic book which features Floki spinning a story about the Norse gods Thor and Loki. Check out the cover below.

Vikings Cover