Loot Crate War Unboxing: 'Heroes'

Loot Crate War Unboxing: ‘Heroes’

Loot Crate August

Last month right before Comic-Con, Loot Crate released one of their best crates with a phenomenal Villains crate that included a totally original and exclusive Joki shirt alongside, amongst other things, a pair of Deadpool socks. It was going to be pretty hard to follow that up. But who better to show up the Villains than… the Heroes.

This month WallE and JC put their physical prowess to the test in an effort to capture a bunch of items based off of some of their favorite childhood heroes along with an exclusive Pop made just for Loot Crate. As some of you have seen in past crates, WallE and JC have an addiction for the little guys and battling over an exclusive one could possibly end their friendship and Whiskey & Waffles as we know it.

This month, it isn’t just a regular video game war but one that utilizes the “power” of the Kinect. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Training Lair gives our “heroes” the fight of their lives as they use their fists, bo staff and nunchuks to smash crates and eat virtual Pizza Hut (thankfully it is only virtual or JC would have had to abstain from the competition) to see who deserves the spoils of the Heroes crate.

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