New Protest Group Outside of NYCC

New Protest Group Outside of NYCC

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Those who go to cons are used to seeing protestors. For the most part they are the judgmental type who tell us we are all sinners, going to hell, need to repent, blah, blah, blah. But at New York Comic Con, a new group took to the streets and though their message is pretty clear, who they are isn’t. Donning red hoods and white masks, these anonymous-esque folks gave messages leading back to a twitter account YoureWelcomeSOS as well as an associated YouTube channel (the video can be seen after the jump).

Under the name Dramatis Personai, the group is seemingly protesting the demise of privacy. Most likely looking to hit a cord with the technology focused NYCC audience, the messages of the group strangely resemble the classic messages from the classic Watchmen, possibly another reason why the group targeted New York Comic Con this weekend. Drastically different from the Westboro Baptist Church or even Anonymous, the group has so far been respectful of the people they interact with while calling for their attention they have not taken to invasive scare tactics.

As we hear more about this group and their involvement at NYCC, we will be sure to update.

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