Danny Trejo Takes Out 'The Burning Dead'

Danny Trejo Takes Out ‘The Burning Dead’


Danny Trejo has become a versatile, and well liked action star with the unique ability to seamlessly transition between cheesy B flicks to summer blockbusters without loosing fan loyalty. Trejo is also equally comfortable taking minor or supporting roles as well as lead roles, and the fact that Danny Trejo’s name  receives top billing definitely allows for low budget films gain a wider recognition than they normally would should his name not appear on the box.

Trejo’s latest film project is no exception; the actor plays “Night Wolf” in The Burning Dead. The film centers on a sheriff evacuating a family from a mountain during a volcanic eruption. The slightly unique twist here is; not only have the dead been resurrected by a curse, but the zombies are also filled with lava, which may make killing them quite a challenge.

The Burning Dead U.S. film rights have been acquired by Uncork’d Entertainment. The film is expected to have a 2015 release, although a date has yet to be set.