SDCC 2016: How Much Did JC Spend?

SDCC 2016: How Much Did JC Spend?


Going to Comic-Con in San Diego is a commitment. It’s not just the travel, the hotels, the Lyfts and Ubers, the food, and the drinks (…oh so many drinks), it’s much more. The floor of SDCC is the ultimate test of maintaining your composure and measuring your self-restraint.

And many, if not all of us, fail. New vinyl collectibles, classic non-sports trading cards, prints, sketches, autographed memorabilia, comics, nostalgia filled unpackaged toys, trades, meet & greets are just the start of the ways that your wallet can bottom out within just a few hours if you aren’t careful.

I, like many, try to go down with a plan on what I will be purchasing. As a Comic-Con veteran of nine SDCC’s (eight of them being consecutive), what I look for in advance is the list of the exclusives. This gives a good baseline for what will most likely be purchased.

Of course, there is a risk that you won’t be able to get in line for all of the exclusives you want but then mentally you end up saying to yourself: “Well, this is how much I was already planning on spending, so I can just shift those unspent dollars over to something else I didn’t even know I wanted yet.” These secondary purchases can often be the surprise item you didn’t know existed or a long sought after target you’d been searching for over some time.

In the tradition of a YouTube haul video, I give you my breakdown of purchases from San Diego Comic Con 2016 in the video below. Take a look and play along as you see how much this crazy convention of addition cost me this year and also see some of the very cool items I picked up.

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