502. Nerds Love Food

502. Nerds Love Food

nerds love food

It’s time for a brand new episode of The Flickcast. The podcast about stuff nerds love. This week it’s Episode 502: Nerds Love Food.

This week we’re trying something a bit different and just talking about food and its related nerdy components. Some of this food talk includes tacos, bread, pizza, BBQ, brisket, grilling, smoking, cooking with alternative ingredients, the best restaurants on various pats of the country and a whole lot more. Plus, some of the usual even more. Mostly about food. But there may be a mention of ear wax and other less-savory things, so be warned.

No picks this week because, well, we’re trying something else. If you need inspiration, though, check out Chris’ article over at Medium about some of his favorite kitchen gadgets or his quest for the perfect sourdough bread. Maybe one of those will inspire you to create something amazing. Or, just watch The Bear. It’s a great show. 

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